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Wow accused of map hacking?


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Seriously. Accuse me of denying it, but I don't use map hacks. I'm not sure how many times other people have been accused of map hacking and weren't banned because they weren't guilty. Just because someone assumes it, that doesn't make it a legitimate claim (you know who you are). So the evidence that I was told was 1 replay where i encountered a zera somewhere bottom lane. All I have to ask is which replay was it based on the date and time so I can look at it?


Based on what I was told about the scenario is that I had a speedy and ran bottom and then attacked a zera.


It really doesn't make sense how I would be accused of map hacking when I see a player is missing and there's no activity in a lane. That means that there could be a player there or a jungler. If I had a speedy, then using it to act as a human ward for the team is one strategy. That's not map hacking, that's called scouting. So the circumstance probably was that Zera had a ward bottom and was coming to kill me. Or Zera saw me running bottom and came to single me out and kill me. So, I assumed that someone would come or show themselves without me showing myself, and so I waited. And sure enough, an enemy showed up. Like I said before, that's not map hacking. That's called being patient and expecting someone to target me while I'm alone. How many times does the jungler gank bottom lane when they are alone. You don't need map hacking to know that.


In addition, I was planning on streaming for the tourney since no one recruited me to their team. You make it sound like my positioning is just so perfectly correct that it must be do to map hacking. Well, I am entitled to a defense, and I know that i don't map hack.


My additional defense is this. I just googled it. It's called Warden. Blizzard uses it to search for cheat software running on your computer. If I was using map hacks, wouldn't the warden pick up on it and ban my blizzard account? I don't use cheats, and I believe you were just persuaded by someone to believe that.


Please respond to this post.

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