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Null builds :D


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Still pretty up to date. Usually I go Goggles>Gravity Edge>lightning Rod now since you can't get treasure off the start. It can still be good right after goggles if you need lane sustain. Lightning Rod before Gravity can be good as well, as the base damage is pretty high for early game.

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3-0-4 <----------------------------******








stars fury






seems pretty standard


dont plan on anyone shooting you ever? :P

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Stop it quist. Immortal must be considered broken, so don't suggest counter play!

People play squishy Agility carries without any Spell Resist then call it broken because it cuts off half their non-existent health protected by their non-existent Spell Resist.




I soloed a Immortal with a Narud (and did pretty well methinks considering Mandrake and Micro kept getting in the way) so I don't wanna hear that shap

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I build based on the composition of the team, who I am laning with and against. That being said, recently null has been a pretty big bore early game with his whirling swords of death doing little or nothing to an enemy team, and easily avoidable. So I've tried to focus on their failure, which ends up with me working toward a perpetual engine early, and often a space battery, sometimes at the same time. This is primarily due to the mana cost issue, and keeping damage output up/mineral gain. Once you have perpetual up, its basically 45 minerals everytime you Q an enemy hero. With this baseline, I often tend to go CD-R as a support to the team, as I've had the best luck playing null in primarily a support role. Blocks/Stuns, some AOE....rinse repeat. I tend to build Asura's eventually, now with the leech Sunflare together, they are a good combo. I go tank if we need some decent aura/support(Coat/chilling/korhal/buffer), or DPS/support as necessary(anything with int/CDR[Asura/Sunflare/Rebro/Coat]).


With the stun knife I'm tempted to build to more of a carry type role, but that is to be seen.


BL: I build based on friendly/enemy composition and gear mostly. IE: I buy a warp shard when the enemy has stuns/slows/teleports that make escape even under one or multiple towers difficult or impossible.

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