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rancor guide pls?


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Personally I get 2-1-3 with wealth, weapon speed and damage. Then get 2 components from flare + agility pots every 7 minutes up until 30 min mark. After flare gun, I get rod, 29 int item x2, health component from nitrogen. Finish gravity, and either ihan or nitrogen depending on my health or energy needs and go from there. I use flare gun less, more so early-mid game as flare gun falls off and rely more on snipes and nukes towards mod-late game. Just my preference though. Play styles vary, but the easy way out is what Tax said.


With the weapon speed talent, I skip Machette thus saving 750 minerals and getting rod that much faster for farm and some extra damage in battles and last hits on hero's and creeps. Abuse Rancor's passive grab agility potions and ward like a boss, and grab Elixirs as well. Don't forget 2 deaths with Rancor with 2 Elixirs is equal to one death with any other hero with a TS Elixir. And when your item slots are full drop an item and buy your consumables, there is a glitch where you don't get the refund if your items are full and you buy a consumable that way without manually consuming it. Abuse your cloak, and be the map awareness king. Personally I also abuse my scans and am constantly scanning hidden areas on the fog to keep tabs on enemy positioning as well. The rest is timing, and practice.


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Oh Tiberius Rancor....I learned the game with this guy, so I have a soft spot for him. Now I don't know how much In-House you play, but this is the general build I use in In-House.





Might, Fitness, Prodigy-Swiftness-Youth-Wealth


Explanation: Might helps a lot for last hitting, which goes great with the fact that Rancor is a agility hero and his smooth attack animation. I do not get any defensive talents besides fitness, since you are pretty much dead if you are focused anyway. Wealth helps with the item build, and as a caster, you definitely want cooldown reduction from prodigy.


General Item Build:


Duran's Machete (I feel all agility heroes should get this; it provides sustain, weapon speed and damage, just a good all around item)

-->Flare Gun (as a burst caster, you want burst damage)-->Gravity Edge (your main source of damage as a caster)


At this point you have several options (not in any particular order):


Miner's Goggles-->Symphonic Seed is a personal preference of mine, it allows you to spam your skills more, gives survivability and intelligence


Ihan Crystal (you can build those stacks, helps sustain and survivability; however, Rancor's strength is in the midgame, so you want to snowball hard here, and Ihan slows you down, so personally I do not recommend).


Yamato Reactor (Boost to timescale which means faster cooldowns, some health and intelligence, but most importantly, the 25% boost to spell damage, which scales crazy with Deadeye Lockdown and Flare Gun)


Sunflare Gun (you are going to finish it anyway, can help burst down those squishy heroes faster)


Nitrogen Retrofit (health, and the slow can sometimes mean the difference between landing another snipe or nuke)


Example Final Item Build (note that all of these are intelligence items, so they add to spell damage):


Sunflare Gun (extra active damage)

Nitrogen Retrofit (health and slow effect)

Yamato Reactor (temporary damage boost and cooldown reduction)

Gravity Edge (major damage)

Symphonic Seed (health and cooldown reduction)

Situational Item


Some Possible Situational Items:


Cerebros (can give you extra damage so you can continue to contribute to team fight even without nukes, this is usually what I go with)


Warp Shard (if you actually need the escape during late game, plus more intelligence is never bad)


Ancient Rune (never used this one, probably a bad idea, but they DID buff it a bit, but not enough to be worth it IMO)


Mossberg Taser (you might get this earlier if you need it; other burst casters and dps are very bad for you, and taser can immediately shut them down)


Energy Saber (weapon damage can help, and if your team needs it, can allow you to transition into dps if you actually need it that badly. The extra energy also helps with Sunflare Gun. Nevertheless, I personally do not recommend it)


Example Item Build:


Duran's Machete-->Flare Gun-->Gravity Edge-->Symphonic Seed-->Yamato Reactor/Nitrogen Retrofit-->Ihan Crystal-->Yamato Reactor/Nitrogen Retrofit-->Sunflare Gun-->Sell Duran's Machete for Cerebros (or another situational)


Suggested Skill Build:


Deadeye Lockdown (q)

Deadeye Cloak Field (e)

Scan (w)

Armageddon ®




At this point, distribute points between w and e as needed, grabbing that r whenever possible and stats last. If you need more time cloaked/shorter cooldown, get e, if you want to scan more often, get w. I personally prefer to just ward a lot and only have 1 point in w and max e instead, but not having scan when I needed it has kicked my butt sometimes.




Early Game: Grab a Duran's Machete and either a Sentry Ward or a Mana Potion and Health Potion and farm hard. Last hit, maybe poke a bit with Deadeye Lockdown if your lane opponent is squishy, once you grab a Flare Gun gank a bit if you see a somewhat low health enemy, but generally farm hard this lane, as you will spend the next phase moving around and ganking a lot.


Mid Game: This is where Rancor is strongest. His burst damage is incredible at this stage, along with his mobility. Ward the rivers, and anywhere else you can, MAKE USE OF THAT HEROIC PASSIVE IT IS ONE OF THE MORE USEFUL ONES IN THE GAME. Generally, do not commit alone unless you are sure that you will kill your opponent (even then you will occasionally fail). Stay close enough to your opponent enough that they are around a little more than mid range of your Deadeye Lockdown, so that if they notice you they are still within your snipe range, or if something goes wrong, you are not so close that you have no chance at running away. Your Burst Combo:


R(Nuke)-->Q(Snipe)-->Flare Gun-->R(Nuke)-->W(Scan)-->R(Nuke)


The Idea: Nuke right where they are, and then snipe immediately afterwards, ensuring that they are stunned and therefore the nuke will land. There is a small interval before you can cast the 2nd nuke, so in that time throw in your Flare Gun attack, and then cast the 2nd nuke, as the stun duration is generally long enough that this too will land. Now you might wonder, what is the last part? Skilled Rancor users can pick off the low health opponent with the last nuke. Usually they are now out of sight range.


But not your nuke range.


Scan range is unlimited, so scan for vision of your opponent, and use that last nuke to finish them off. It takes practice and even then you might not always get it, but it is very rewarding to be able to pull this off.


Generally, however, I personally do not recommend doing this solo (unless you are absolutely sure of the kill; adjust your playstyle accordingly, do not take everything in here as strict, rigid dogma), as your opponent will generally notice your blur and either run, or counter appropriately. So, for lack of a better word, use your teammates as bait. I shadow one or two of my teammates, a few steps behind. This lowers your chances of being detected, as your opponents are more focused on your teammates, not you. Then when the fight occurs, unleash your combo onto the appropriate enemy. I personally like to let my teammates initiate accordingly, but sometimes they might need your snipe to initiate properly. Use your skills accordingly.


Now that is for small scale scenarios. Things are a bit different when team fight occur.


Method 1 (more greedy play): This method is basically the one above, but applied with more prejudice. Generally, all teams rely on their dps to wipe out the enemy team. It is generally the job of burst casters like Rancor to wipe THEM out before that happens. If your team is having alot of trouble because of the enemy dps, use this method. So when a team fight occurs, use your judgment to quickly decide: will the enemy dps enter this fight or not? If the answer is yes, although it may pain you, when the team fight occurs, do not reveal your presence by using your skills. Position yourself in such a way to flank the enemy dps, but not so close that you might be caught up in the fight or noticed. Wait for that enemy Nova, Zeratul, etc. to come in, and when they do, immediately react and burst them down, then get the heck out of there, helping your team with some aoe nukes if you can spare it.


Method 2 (safer, but don't expect a Ludacris kill): This is a more team oriented approach. If the enemy team as a whole is a issue as opposed to a single member, and they aren't too tanky, then when team fights occur just spam nukes with the intention of landing as much AoE damage on the other team as possible. You will either force them to dodge, which will disrupt their formation and attacks, or deal significant damage. Also, Use your snipe on a initiator, such as a Micro.Gravitus or Fine.Brine to stop them in their tracks and prevent them from pulling your teammates to their doom.


General Playstyle Tips:


1. Generally, never engage first, as you are most vulnerable after the use of your snipe. Therefore, engaging after the fight begins is safest, when the enemy's attention is away from you.


2. If you are nuking during team fights without the support of your snipe, consider nuking right behind the enemy such that they are barely within range of the damage. It forces them to make a choice: either move forward to dodge the nuke, but walk closer to your dangerous teammates, or retreat, and take the damage from the nuke. Surprisingly enough, this can net you quite a few kills.


3. Manage your nukes wisely. Having all of them off of cooldown can be a waste. Rancor is a decent counter pusher once he gets his ultimate and gravity edge. If it is clear that you will not need your nukes any time soon, consider clearing a creep wave with 1-2 well placed nukes. It will help your team push, plus get you some nice farm.


4. Farm whenever you can. Because you have to stay cloaked and position yourself, Rancor often does not have as much time to farm on creeps as other heroes. So take the opportunity to farm whenever a fight is not going to happen any time soon, focusing on last hitting for most efficiency.


Late Game: Because of the prevalence of True Sight during late game, Rancor's effectiveness diminishes. During this time, I suggest a combination of Method 1 and Method 2 (this works well during Mid-Game too). Stay behind your team and wait for them to initiate, bursting your spells onto the enemy dps whenever possible.


My Personal Opinions in terms of Counters:


Rancor generally hard counters:

Alpha Crackling, Prelate Zeratul


Is generally effective against:

Terra Nova, Gabriel Tosh, Vagabond Darpa


Is generally bad against:

Infernal Mandrake, Vergil Nerazim, Dustin Brawler, James Raynor


Hope this has helped, sorry it's so long, maybe I should have just made a separate post!

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Dient read through everything but I would say 2/1/3 is decent too, and u didnt mention agi potl, which is a hugeadvantage rancor has.

U dont need and more Pointe in e than 2 early unless u focus on ganking.

Would mention stars instead of cerebro(maximum would be rod early, but i do that only in pubs)

When to get nitro depends on enemies team comp


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I never felt energytalent to be necesarry on him due to 3 energypots at the most before I had enough energy for not needing them. Getting machete or not is rather a thing of the playstyle, if you want to go pure assasin in early-midgame you can rush flare oofc, but I had better experiences with machete rod and then flare + stunknife, ihan after then gravity sometimes nitrogen isn't wrong but I prefer energysaber + bhm energysaber also scales great with your stun and adds dmg from like another 30% int to your snipe

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^I actually started to go to dota the last weeks and didn't rly play :/ its just that the lack of balance and permaautoban of so many heroes made the inh stuff take to much time and preditability of hero pool that was going to be choosen

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I have yet to see a good agility rancor used inhouae. I feel as though for in-house Rancor would be better put to his use of burst damage and anti pushing potential, as well as map awareness, true sights and warding capabilties. Of course I've only seen like 5 agility Rancors in-house and all have not been that great. I feel as though having a semi carry with DPS is better from other hero's. I know agility rancor is viable and maybe I just favor his INT burst, but I don't think agility rancor is AS(notice the caps) useful in-house as a full blown INT Rancor. Hyper squishy, yes he can cloak and snipe but he melts to easily imo to be viable in-house as an agility semi DPS. When he gets that gravity edge and I personally favor nitrogen, combined with his map awareness, and poking ability as well as in teamfights I think that's far superior. Just my opinions, and like I said I haven't seen a good agility rancor used inhouae yet. Am I wrong on my positioning on this subject, due to maybe bad examples?

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if u are looking for reliable inhouse build then its standard INT build with tons of sentry wards and with machete + AGI potion opening.


However if u are looking for fun build for pubs try this one:


and u trying keep both consumeables all game long


at that point u should have around 350-400 weapon damage, 2k health, nice weapon speed and tons of cooldown reduction. Your nukes doesn't do too much damage, but your first AA after snipe does, or 3rd/4th after next nuke. Basically if u get ahead enough u should be able to snipe + few hits enemies. However its snowball build, it requires good start and lot of farm early game. In pubs its very easy - very often there are completely empty lanes so u can get every single last hit. Once I had 120 last hits when enemies around 30-40. What to get next - honestly I don't know, because games wasn't long enough. Probably more cd reduction items:


or more sustained weapon damage:


or mixed both...

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Rancor is a IMO is the lock down counter for most Hyper-Carrys and push hereos(maybe excluding MK). His ability to deal long ranged damage and a long stun allows you to weaken the remove their carry from the game long enough for your team to re-position and take them out. Nukes deal so much damage that with Gravity alone you can clear massive creep waves and minion pushes. Also his utility of a built in scan and his passive gives you the ability to take map control and counter hereos that rely on phase cloak/shino, burrow, or zera's passive invis.


Rancor can effectively be a semi carry IH as well. With the power of the new items and his skillset take into consideration these 2 builds.

1.) Ihan stacks, Pyre, Timesplitter, Galactic Defender, Contam Shard, Shinobi, Shadowmourne.

Shinobi stacks with his cloak to make him outrageously fast allowing for easy positioning and chase down potential. GD, Contam, Shinobi, Shadowmourne, Ihan stacks make him incredibly resilliant giving him a large HP pool and then when GD is activated upperwards of 4K damage he can take. These items are obviously better on a nova or shadow or others, but giving him this high weapon damage scales wonderfully with his snipe, and the stun of his snipe allows you to get in close active whichever actives you need and go toe to toe with most any non tank hero.

2.) Ihan stacks, Energy saber, BHM, GD, Shinobi, Kali blade, Gravity. Talk about damage with your Q+next hit. This also allows for your nukes to be more effective as well as give you a crazy speed boost for re-positioning.

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