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Joining a clan


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is joining a clan make any difference?

does it help gameplay at all?

It helps you consistently be able to play with people most likely around your skill level. If you're bad, the clan can teach you hopefully.


I always gets on, look to my friends list, look to the clan list and see if anyone is starting a game. Usually I dont have to just join a random game, it's pretty easy with a decent sized clan to always be able to find someone to play with. I dont like to make a 5 man and pub stomp, but I do enjoy playing pubs with one other on my team who I know can play at least decently.

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Joining a Clan in itself just opens up the opportunity to play with the same people over and over.


If you are already better than those players, the clan will not help you.


For the most part, unless you are a long time veteran of this game, most players in clans are better than the average pub player.


Thus joining a clan will likely help you if you seek out the right player.


Infact, those players will probably help you even without you joining their clan.

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