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Changelog v1.168 - v1.171


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Changelog v1.171




Mass Teleport

- Now requires Vision.

- Changed Teleport Indicator.



Changelog v1.170



- Stepping Strikes now procs on first hit or every other attack.

- Reduced MS from Stepping Strikes to 2/4/6/8% from 3/6/9/12.



- Reduced Cyanide Clip Damage to 60/50/40/30 from 80/65/50/35 Weapon damage.

- Increased ULT CD to 60s from 30.

- EN Cost increased to 100 from 60.



Updated Tooltips


- True Damage increased from 20/30/40/50 to 50/70/90/110.

- CD increased to 12 from 10.

Energy Soaker

- Gain 100% Shield and Energy, from 50.

- Duration reduced to 4s from 6.

- CD increased to 22/20/18/16 from 14/12/10/8

Silencer Drone

- Last 4 seconds from 5.

- Each Drone deals 20 Spell Damage from 30.

- Now Cloaks.

Mass Contimination

- Search Area increased to 8 from 3.

- Range increased to 15 from 12.

- Removed Charges.

- CD increased to 110/100/90 from 14/12/10.

- Spell Damage increased to 70/130/190 from 40/70/100.


Changelog 1.169




- Reduced Fortify to 30% Damage Resist from 50%.



- Lowered Base Damage to 400 from 500.



- Remodified Ability Effects.

- Updated Tooltips.



- Reduced Vanish's Bonus Speed to 75% from 100.

- Reduced Duration to 1/1.5/2/2.5 from 1.5/2/2.5/3

- Updated Tooltips.



Supression Fire

- Reduced MS Reduction to 10% from 15.



- Updated Tooltip

Cyanide Clip

- Changed Slow Effect (50%)

- Duration lasts for 1 seconds from 2.

Desparado Jump

- Increased Range to 10/15/20

- Increased Bonus Speed to 20/25/30%

- Cooldown increased to 30 from 21/14/7.

- Duration changed to 4/6/8 seconds from 4.




Changelog 1.168



- Updated Loading Screen.

- Fixed EXP issue with Swarm Hosts.

- Updated tooltip on Unix.

- Slightly adjusted Firebat's position at Top-Left/Bottom-Right Corner.

- Repositioned Kill Tower Text to Directive Area.

- Fixed Darpa's Freeze Issue at End-Game. (For real!)



- Reduced Duration to 2 seconds from 3


Marine King

- Merc Marine HP reduced to 50+15*LVL Health from 80+20*LVL.

- Added Timed Life (30 seconds) on Merc Marine.

- Mob Mentality now only affects Heroic units.

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Fixed Darpa's Freeze Issue at End-Game. (For real!)

I have to confirm this oddly enough, gj!

Smart to disable additional waves from spawning, would create massive lags if you afked 1h after game was over.


But allowing the game to go on creates new ways to exploit the -tm system: you can now play in a slowed version of the map which can be useful in testing this that are hard to time. But this exploit is of no concern as i can't harm normal gameplay.


poor marine king i think the shadowmourne was for gara and grunty?

Grunty(all carries for that matter) yes, gara no!

gara problems lay in the 2 scv spawning on new aa, not the 1 scv from prolonged aa

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i sense some sarcasm in this post...


It is not. We advised the developers to nerf MK to only effect Heroic units a while ago and that's what they did. It is not sarcasm.


I only say that I am going to kiss Red when he makes good changes. I have my rules man!

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