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System Cyprus guide ?


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System Cyprus is the hardest hero in the game right now, and takes a LOT of time to master.


Talents: 5.0.1

Take Haste with Demigod as your AA power is insane.


Items: start Machete. It is op with 12 heal per AA. You should have a weapon speed of around 1.1 with Haste so it is op.


Then build DST, and no one will be able to kill you.


Parallax next, and you will not be susceptible to Rory's Molotov.


Then build Khali and Lethal to maximize your weapon speed.


Galactic defender next, the unique is op as hell and you will be an attack monster.


Last, sell Machete and then purchase Eye of Narud to maximize crit chance so that you can attack fast. The ward provided is good too.

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cyprus guide

1. walk near enemies

2. block ur team in teamfight with walls

3. wait till ur teammates die

4. miss ur w

5. run

6. press R pick off chasing red hp hero

7. "profit"

8. blink out



Now more seriously.

Cyprus is about deleting from teamfight table squishy high dps heroes/high priority heroes (when teamfight is started then You go and pickoff that hero), early-midgame is also a ganker. When You hit 6, most time You should gank somewhere You know You can get a kill (esp if its important one).

To build order- You just go int, its balancing between how dmg You can get (grav/flare/sunflare) and tankiness You need (nitrogen, yamato, paralax, seed). Warpshard is viable to give even more mobility and blink in- blink out combo if needed.

When You know that You will not be needed to contribute much, put much pressure, be ahead in close timing future You go ihan (most time its 2st,3rd,4th item) on full stacks You just sell it

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He wanted a guide how u play him (serious) ...

Tax your "build" something that might work in pubs but only there and with every hero as u know ....



gonna write u something about cyp:

He's a single target burst damage hero, focusing on killing killing one enemy at a time.

If u want to do a good job u want to constantly kill one hero with your ultimate, ofc squishy ones.

he has nice path blocking and mobility, nobody should kill u ...

He is very weak in lane until he gets his ultimate.

The biggest timing u have is once u reach lvl 11, u should focus on killing once u have it.

after u have lvl 6 u can try to get some kills with flare gun, because if u get them your lvl 11 timing will be far stronger.

in lane: harass with Q into E and flare gun ... if u have lvl 11 u can gank very well.

use your Q to block enemies.

Use your ultimate with pillars.


Talents: weapon damage - health - cd/movement/energy/wealth

Don't overextend early, u are very weak then...


items: start with flare gun or goggles, usually I build lost treasure if u need to build parallax.

build gravity next and yamato after (yamato because it will increase the combo time and spell damage) and sunflare or seed after.

if u have some kills and will probably get more u should build seed, otherwise sunflare gun.

I like to add parallax and carapace or electric mantle as last item.


don't forget that your ultimate does more damage the more pillars are around and E creates pillars too.



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Gino, I disagree about sunflare being a core item-


Cyprus has a uniquely powerful burst and this burst allows him to not need flare at any point- if you have flare, you just make your combo longer for dubious rewards (you should be focusing heroes you can kill without sunflare).


Instead you can get chilling, sometimes organic as your last items


Make sure you pump the cdr- this is why seed, yamato, chilling are so good, with your passive (make sure you have cdr talent as well), your cdr will minimize the time late game allowing you to cast multiple times per team fight in vital moments.


Nitro is nice sometimes, not really core though.


Make sure you active yamato before you pull your combo.


Not much else really- just don't overextend before you're lv6, harass enemies to dominate lane and try to keep your blink in case of ganks.

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1 stay in your lane untill lvl 8, take q w e e e r e so you can blink out/in at anytime :3 and can spam any casts


2 buy alot of cdr items + some int/hp items like ihan seeds nitrogen this way you can survive alot better and can blink even more often, also take gravity for your ulti


3 look for enemies at low hp


4 ping at them like a retard


5 wait untill your dps teammate went for the kill


6 when you are sure you can kill the enemie with 1 r click, block your dps with the wall


7 r on the enemie hero


8 'pro'


9 get raged at by your dps


10 block him with jump and wall at enemie tower


11 win

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You don't necessarily have to keep the sunflare late-game when your burst on its own is sufficient. At that point, you could trade it for something that suits you better. I'd personally trade it for an Eternity so I'm still leeching (a lot more) spell damage. They may try to focus me down, but then when I execute my combo, bam back to full health.

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You don't necessarily have to keep the sunflare late-game when your burst on its own is sufficient. At that point, you could trade it for something that suits you better. I'd personally trade it for an Eternity so I'm still leeching (a lot more) spell damage. They may try to focus me down, but then when I execute my combo, bam back to full health.


I like eternity too but then wouldnt it be better to follow the other guy`s advice? go with the other endgame items , focus enemies you can take down WITHOUT flare, and at the end get eternity? you will get everything earlier and that is cool IMO...cause the thing is, vs competent players the moment you start going for even flare(not even the final item) they can get spell resist...and I don`t mean the final spell resist gear...if you are worried you can get 3 of those 700 mineral spell resist things and get like 50% total resist counting the base resists......wouldnt it be beter then if you had gone gravity edge instead? since it give intel, part of your damage will hit no matter how much resist enemies stack, and the cherry on top it gives move speed???


on the other hand if you are playing pubs then yea, i`d go with flare....and not just on cyprus but on like any burst char sinc on pubs its all a quickdraw contest of dps battles (except some ppl who do know how to play and when to get counters)


the other day not only cyprus but rancor and anothre burst(not sure if maar or raynor) went fast flares on me and later sunflare...they were amazed as how i got 22-2-15 as jackson.....yes....in pubs...the thing is the moment i saw what i was facing i got spell resist partial parts...and when i saw them getting flares i delayed my intel stuff for a faster buffer...they did get some kills on me but that was when the gravity`s edges startied appearing...until then the flares just tickled


if you still wanna go cyprus with the double burst(ulti + sunflare) then you might as well get gravity first and then either a survival item or straight flare but with the boon of gravity already present. Anyo squishy character will know to get hp and spell resist the moment they see cyprus.....you might as well counter your own counter beforehand(asuming they`ll counter you before you get countered, pretty much the same way they`d get spell resist before you start getting ultimate rampages)


thats just my experience though...feel free to disagree

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