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[Alexei.Stukov - v1.167] General of the Swarm


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[Easy] Caster

Harass enemies with a selection of Poisons and Burns. Keep your teammates alive in battle with defensive buffs.



I. Statistics

II. Spell Set

III. Talents, Items, Spell Order

IV. Guide

V. Notes


I. Statistics [LVL18]


Move speed - 2.8

Weapon speed - 1.8 [1.14]

Attack Range - 5.5

Sight Range - 12

Starting HP - 250


STR - 31 [117]

AGI - 24 [110]

INT - 35 [172]


II. Spell Set


[Heroic Passive] Catalyst

[Passive] Attacking a Poisoned target slows it for 2s

Poisoned enemies take 4% of their Max HP per second as Spell Damage

Burned enemies take 2% of their Max HP per second as Spell Damage

Burned enemies lose 50% of their Physical Damage


[Q] Corrosive Blast

[Active] Deal Spell Damage to the Poisoned target

Spell Damage: 60/110/160/210 (+30% INT)

Poison Duration: 2s/3s/4s/5s

Energy Cost: 100/120/140/160

Cooldown: 14s/12s/10s/8s


Corrosive Blast is a very powerful Single Target spell. Stukov uses it to Slow enemies while attacking them, as a Primer for his Ultimate Detonation, and as a general heavy hitter. Keep in mind that this spell not only does the listed Spell Damage but also 4% Max HP per second of the Poisoned duration!


[W] Searing Concoction

[Active] After a 1s delay, deal Spell Damage and Burn all enemies in a 3u radius.

Spell Damage: 40/70/100/130 (+20% INT)

Burn Duration: 3s/4s/5s/6s

Energy Cost: 40/40/40/40

Cooldown: 18s/16s/14s/12s


A small AoE Burn, deals minor damage, but while 2% Max HP per second is strong the real feature of this spell is that it Halves the weapon damage of targets hit by it. 50% of Physical Damage is a huge thing here, and it effectively gives you an edge over traditional AA heroes. Not much, but it can turn the tide quickly in the Early to Mid-Game battles!


[E] Living Armor

[Active] Target ally gains Armor and Health Regen for 30s

Armor Bonus: 6/8/10/12

Health Regen: 8/12/16/20

Energy Cost: 40/60/80/100

Cooldown: 30s/25s/20s/15s

While a decent Health Regen buff and Armor buff early game, I find that items in my build tend to outshine it. Never hurts to rank it up and it could possibly save an Ally’s life. Remember that.


[R] Plague

[Active] Unleash a plague that bounces between enemies.
enemies take
more damage.

Spell Damage: 200/300/400 (+30% INT)

Bounces: 4/6/8

Energy Cost: 200/350/500

Cooldown: 120s/100s/80s

This is your Hero Killer spell, often times able to destroy most squishies that have no spell resist. Cast Q to prime the detonation, and then use your R. Plague is a very slow moving projectile! Not out-runnable, but plan for the flight duration with your Q duration. The target MUST BE Poisoned in order to receive the 50% bonus damage.


III. Talents, Gameplay/Items/Skill Order

IIIa. Talents

Might (+15DMG)

Fury (15% WPN SPD)

Fitness (+180 HP)

Swiftness (+6% MOVE SPEED)

Youth (+200 Energy)

Wealth (+200 Starting Minerals)


My goal with talents is to provide the quickest start for Stukov, if others can provide valid reasoning behind other choices I will include them in a subsection.


IIIb. Gameplay

Stukov is a powerhouse DoT inflictor with a heavy burst and a great INT scaling on his spells. With his Heroic Passive always active with any of his primary damage dealing spells, he synergizes well with items such as Arcane Rune, Gravity Edge, and Nitrogen Retrofit. However, he shines just as well as an AA/Caster Hybrid, or Lane-Harrasser.


To Start: LVL1

:HuntersHatchet: (HP) Hunters Hatchet (265)

:TemporalPlating: (INT) Temporal Plating (150)x3

:HealthCapsule: (CONS) Health Potion (60)

The items chosen are to improve your early game Last Hitting ability, along with survivability in soloing (if you are lucky) Neutral camps until level 2. Feel free to replace Hunters Hatchet with another Temporal Plating or more potions at the beginning of the game if you are confident in your LH ability. Choose the short lane and try and pick off Neutral Camps as you proceed to lane.


Try to be in a Neutral camp with only 1 other Hero. Do NOT take out Neutral camps with 2+ or you will not gain effective experience.


Early Game: LVL1-6 (QEWQQR)


:IhanCrystal: (NRG) Power Stone (1200)

:StormPauldrons: (INT) Storm Pauldron's (625)

(INT) Ihan Crystal (825)


Last hit and harass the enemy lane. If you and your partner push them to heal, fall to the jungle and quickly clear the 3 close camps. If you have to Return to base, make sure you always try and do so when the Thor camp is up so you level up quicker. Try to get either your Ihan Crystal or at least the Power Stone component to make your trips to the pool a lot less frequent. Get True Sight Wards, potions, and any other consumables you may need. Remember to place your wards INSIDE the bushes! This prevents people who have True Sight from targeting them unless they are actually in the bush with the Ward. Slam Enemy heroes and Siege Creeps if you have spare Energy with your Q. Time it well and you can reset your attack animation and attack almost immediately after.


Remember that your Q's Poison effect MUST BE ON THE TARGET when your R HITS IT. Not when you cast it, to detonate!


Mid Game: LVL7-14 (QWWWREEE)

(To be continued after I've had a good nights rest.)

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Ward, what's a Ward, can I eat it?

No, I tried. You can't put it in your Xbox either. :(


@darit On a serious note, good guide. I haven't played stukov yet, but the concepts look solid.


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