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Hey guys


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so yeah...

i've been playing since november???

i only really started playing consistently around now

i like playing null a lot because his q helps with getting away and his arcane sword is good with clearing creep waves

i know im not that good if youve seen me play

i was hoping some of you guys could suggest some other heroes because i want a hero that isnt too squishy and

actually makes a biggish difference in the game


PS i like playing ranged heroes because if the melee hero isn't as strong as my opponent ill probably die

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Welcome to the forums!


As stated above Cain is tanky, ranged, and deals good damage, so you can try him. Other tanky ranged heroes who make a difference are toxi and erekul. Some heroes that are tanky and still make a difference (but aren't ranged) are: Penthos, you deal a lot of damage and are extremely tanky, plus he naturally has a lot of mobility and is great in 1v1's, which is a good quality to have in pubs. Balrog, super tanky and deals a lot of burst damage, downside is low mobility and hard to come back with if you are behind. Voltron, if you build lightning rod and yamato, with 3 tank items and an eternity, you are very difficult to kill and deal TONS of damage.

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