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leaver buff


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hello everyone Im here to talk about the leaver buff. Now with the change to leaver buff made so you don't get extra money when people leave is fine by me but because its been nerfed i would like to talk about the problem that leaver buff has had since I started playing this game a year ago. I have known about this problem for a while but because leaver buff was already really strong i did not bother bringing it up. The problem at I'm am speaking about is how leaver buff is only made for when one person leaves. now my math could be wrong so let me know if I'm just talking nonsense.


if there are 5 heroes each hero is worth 20% because 100% divided by 5 = 20%

If one person leaves then his 20% of the team is split between the remaining 4 player.

20% divided by 4 = 5% which is why when one person leaves Protoss (or Zerg) hero are 5% stronger, but when the second person leaves that second person was worth more then the regular 20% he was worth 25% because 100% divided by 4 = 25% so when the second person leaves Protoss (or zerg) heroes should be 8.333 stronger because 25% divided by 3 is 8.333.


let me know what you guys think i now i probably made this more complicated then i has to be but whatever.

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I did bad math, so this post is being edited, and is hopefully more correct.


Current Leaver Bonus:

1 Leaver = 105% per

2 Leavers = 110% per

3 Leavers = 115% per

4 Leavers = 120% per (just give up at this point!)


Your way (which would be a bit OP after 3 leavers):

1 Leaver = 105%

2 Leavers = 113.3%

3 leavers = 130%

4 leavers = 180% (or nearly twice as strong as anyone else)

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