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Boros build - yamato or grav?


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i agree, unless you go more then 1 int items it shouldn't be gravity


either yamato... or nitrogen retrofit



If you go int boros...


your final build might contain most op this items:

(ihan stacks) warpshard(dial first) nitrogen-retrofit eternity gravity menace yamato energy-saber ( if you also want to do dmg with aa I'd recommend to take 4 of the mentioned items +khali and shinobi

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I personally like Gravity Edge. When I play Boros, my final item build emphasizes auto-attacking and weapon damage. Having Gravity Edge makes Spellstorm a viable source of damage, plus Burning Blade suddenly does a lot of damage.

Gravity does give burning blade and spell storm some nice added damage your right. However Yamato's base stats combined with the time scale you get from the active... its a no brainer. You can almost just spam yamato in order to decrease the cooldown on omnislash.

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