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I've recently started playing many new heroes recently, and I have some thoughts on 2 of them.


Now I have mastered them at this point, so it is not due to inexperience.


1. En. Taro. Tassadar


A few patches ago, this guy was a monster, eating everything with energy rake. Then he got hit with the nerf bat. Now, his clone dies instantly to just about anything, his clone has reduced damage, and energy rake has also been nerfed. Now currently, I think Tassadar's damage is sub-par. My suggested solution:


1. Buff Energy Rake Damage

2. Buff Hyper Armor to help survivability for Tassadar

3. Reduce cast time/increase range on Swap to make it a more viable option for initiation (frankly its useless unless enemy is running away, or you have max level).

4. Reduce Clone cooldown (PREFERRED).


Now the reason for the preferred: this will eliminate what I believe to be the most pressing issue for Tassadar, which is that his clone is much less useful than before, due to its low survivability. It HAS received a slight buff (I think), but I do not think it was nearly enough. His damage itself though, will remain unchanged.


2. Geminus. Boros


I love Boros. He is officially my favorite hero. He takes some skill to play, plus has a cool cape and awesomely named ultimate move, which all make me feel like I am a superhero while I am playing him. He is a good hero, but there are some things that I think make him a bit underpowered in some ways:


1. Omnislash (Level 1): Every Boros player knows that the general combo with Boros is to use Psionic Bola (W) to pull your target out of position (especially from creeps), then slay him with your ultimate. I have often found that I cannot achieve this with level 1 Omnislash. Except for the most squishy of squishy characters who did not get a single health item, most would survive my attack, and either kill me or have teammates come gank me.


Suggested Fix: Increase Omnislash (Level 1) number of strikes from 3-4.


2. Omnislash(general): My fellow Boros players out there: don't you hate it when you use Omnislash, then the ability takes you on a trip around the world, and when you come back to your senses, you are behind enemy lines? It is annoying that your ultimate can end up killing you simply because the target had survivability and/or movement speed to get you pulled all the way over to the enemy team; also I do not like the "stun" effect that Omnislash has when it eliminates a target yet has more slashes remaining but no new targets, so Boros sits in place.


Suggested Fix: Have Boros return to original casting spot once Omnislash has finished. Also, have Boros immediately able to move if no new targets for Omnislash are available, instead of him sitting there doing nothing.


3. Late-Game Boros: Boros' main offensive abilities, Psionic Bola and Omnislash, rely on the fact that there are no creeps around to absorb the shots. This makes the late-game difficult for even the most skilled of Boros players. Since the final stages occur around tier 3 and the artfact, where creeps are constantly in the way, it takes someone to be in bad position as much as the skill of the Boros player to land Psionic Bola and Omnislash effectively. I do not even know how Intelligence Boros is viable, considering the late game. Maybe you just activate Spellstorm, then have at it. I personally am forced to go auto-attack by the late-game to remain as effective as before.


Suggested Fix: I don't have one. Any ideas?


PS: If you think my ideas are a result of my own weakness as a player and think you know what that weakness is, by all means, explain it for me so I can fix it, because I love both of these characters.

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Tass damage relies on positioning. His short weapon range means you basically have to flank to get enough attacks off with both clone and tass. If you just approach from the front and plain sight you are not very likely to get a kill, simply because of how many heroes have escape mechanisms. Just make sure a lot of wards are up at all times, and you know where the enemy heroes are going. Then you can use bushes or high ground to get both tass and clone right on top of them, and you've got yourself a kill.


Boros is a VERY simple hero to play. I don't even know any advice to give you with him.... maybe if you tell us your build we can point out its flaws, if there are any.... other than that it's just "practice, practice, practice, improve your game sense, positioning, etc"

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The only think I can say is that his ult should NOT jump to neutrals. Its really dumb when I Omnismash and I only hit them once or twice before slaying a neutral camp...

Boros' ulti hitting neutral creeps should stay as is. If you want a skill to be that powerful, it needs to have counter play and require setup and positioning from the user, or it would be too powerful.
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Note that I do not think Boros in any way shape or form is UP. I'm not asking for a buff, and when I say neutrals, I mean like walking by a tank camp and the omnismash hits the tank camp. This is something that is just too random to really make people use it on purpose, which makes calling it "intended" a lot weaker argument. If anything he is OP, but I think leaving him alone is fine.

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Boros is fine, one of the most balanced heroes. I guess its hard to start to play it compared with shadow or nova, but it is actually pretty easy to play, q>r = tripple kill. Was the easiest dps hero in v3-4. Dont think that it should land back to where it started etc. It is the only skillshot he has, the rest are just too easy to use.

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Late game boros is fine. I see a lot of Boros' players going explosive(like most all carrys in the current meta) which with a fully geared Boros clears creeps in no time. Also Boros is a lot like Kitty in certain respects, timing is everything. The best time to Omnislash is in team fights when there are several enemy hereos low health, much like kitty. When I play boros I like to bola the important heroes away from team fights and have your team focus them down then having you team initiate the team fight and Spell Storm + Omnislash to deal damage to multiple targets either finishing low health enemies or deal a large amount of damage to their team and having your team finish them off.

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