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More enviroment-related abilities/modification of standard mechanics


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Grunty ultimate is one of my favorite skills in the game, because of just how much it changes the way battles occur on the map: the team without grunty positions tries to avoid getting close to river, while the team with the grunty tries to make teamfights happen there, ganks and counterganks become much more focused, warding, etc. The river should have more abilities centered around it, IMO.


With the new standardization of mechanics (burn, poison, slow, etc), I think it is time to make the river play a bigger role: affecting standard mechanics. for example Burn lasts less while in river. Freeze, electrical shock standard mechanics can also be added and modified by river (electrical shock deals more damage, freeze lasts longer in river). I think that the idea of adding an extra layer of strategy (For example, Jackson deals slightly more damage in river, or drake martyr deals slightly less) has some merit. This way, you don't just counter someone by going for correct items that counter their build, but also with your positioning


You can expand this concept beyond that: certain abilities may be modified by if they were cast from invisibilty (rancor snipe already does that, although just Dead-Eye Cloaking Field), or perhaps from high ground. You don't even need to make it ability-based, it can also be a passive mechanic, for example all attacks on targets in lower elevation have an addition crit chance, or bushes passively increase the evasion of any hero inside them by 10%.


As of now, positioning doesn't play a huge role, so long as tanks are somewhat in front of spellcasters. If the environment starts adding small but significant bonuses to teams that properly utilize it, it can make teammwork, coordination more important, as well as give a small bonus to those that don't just mash buttons but actually think about where they should position themselves, for maximum effectiveness,



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I like the idea a lot, but you have to make sure that the hero is not too environment-related. Perhaps simple having a heroic passive that makes it so abilities used while out of sight have extra effects.

Also, there was a drone hero idea a while ago that had this. Its passive was a little blink/jump that stunned enemies if you hit them from high ground. I like that idea.

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As of now, positioning doesn't play a huge role, so long as tanks are somewhat in front of spellcasters.

LOL, i actually laughed. My god someone get smn to enlighten this idiot with a wall of text.


Positioning is about 40% of teamfights, another 40% for communication.

It doesn't matter what heroes you have or how fed you are you can easily lose a 3v5 fight if you have bad positioning.

Lets say you ward levy and see grunty/balrog going for it your whole team is around mid t2 and you go up the ramp. But jackson req rory req(w the jackson) and some semi-carry(cain kerri tosh tychus) with explosive+coa+pyre just rapes 5 heroes nothing you can do about it.

You can argu that those 3 heroes can do that anywere on the map but you are wrong. Only at chokepoints (ramps) can a jackson get 5 in his ulti (otherwise very bad positioning) and only because he got 5 they are defenseless against the income rape.

If zerg would have some vision of above the ramp they wouldn't lemming to their death, because it makes no sense trying to go up a chokepoint vs a team with good synergy. Or if they were at t2 bot they can go start a teamfight around levy without having running up a ramp and dieing

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This player is clearly trying to improve the game and is not saying that positioning is irrelevant.

I think the new bushes already add an element such as this guy is suggesting, but would love to see new terrain or new terrain features.

Like mud patches in 2-3 places around the river that would slow players down when traveling over them.


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now its not 3 seconds


User Was Warned For This Post.


From Ginosaji: Nowhere in this thread does anyone mention Cain or his freeze. Your trolling isn't even creative or funny, no one appreciates it. I've given you plenty of chances on the forums, not to mention that you've demonstrated that you will never stop trolling from your clan days (I kicked him out of lAOSl for trolling). I'm not warning you again Harryhoot.

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