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The state of arcbound


What do you think of the current arcbound  

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  1. 1. Do you think arcbound is?

    • Best item in aos bar none
    • A good item
    • An average item, not good, not bad
    • A bad item
    • So bad it needs a complete rework or just remove it completely

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What should be done to arcbound to try and make it a viable choice to get?


Right now it seems to overlap much of what lethal barbed does, and honestly that item is pretty situational as it is.


The unique that was added with the introduction of the new items was nice, but the price increase just didn't justify it.


Does anyone else have any ideas on how to improve this imo poor value item.

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well we all like the movement speed bonus unique it provides which is nice

the problem is the core components and stats it gives that causes it to be useless dmg wise and doesn't provide enough to compensate for the unique


45% crit chance

45% wep speed


now lets think about every other crit based item in the game;

khali 35% crit chance + lots of dmg

lethal barb 25% crit chance, wep speed uniue + some agi


if you buy khali + 1 of any other crit item you still dont have 100% crit chance, this is why khali and crits are fairly useless in AoS currently, unless you can abuse it early like nova


now lets consider other items for a carry;

pyre +50% wep speed

contamination shard +wep dmg

shinobi +wep dmg + dmg unique + agi

time splitter +agi + wep dmg + wep speed


now when your building a carry you need some wep speed this is usually facilitated by time splitter and pyre, once you have both of these items which have been basically buffed so much they are essential to every carry you will be at max wep speed, thus arcbound is now useless


some options to change it;

turn the unique into a timescale buff like masamune used to have


remove the weapon speed component of arcbound and turn it into wep dmg instead


give it some form of HP or resist


give it an active like the old hand of mengsk granting you wep and movement speed for 10 seconds or so

(although id rather see stun knife changed to something like the old hand of mengsk that way carries would still be viable early game without abusing a terrible game mechanic)

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i dont think thats the issue at all gino

your just going to sell it anyway because its not viable late game it provides you with wep speed and crit chance


crit chance is useless unless your nova or boros


wep speed is useless because you need pyre & timesplitter anyway


i mean comeon it has a culling saber as part of the item and you dont even get to keep that unique it wont even help you farm....

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Arcbound is little up. As Gino said it cost too much. Lowering little cost could help (300$ less-500$ less)

Problem with arcbound or crits is:

They are late pure dps items but

a) if u go khali u dont have atk speed and enough crits (if ur not nova or boros)

b) if u go arc u have crits but u have no dmg (u need arc+ khali and thats too much gold)


Sumerazing if it goes to arc its too costly or mainly it doesnt provide any +dmg

Lethal is cheaper, gives higher as (but less crit and no movement)

even if lethal is worse then arc (arc better for late) still lethal is better choice for early midgame.


Dont get me wrong, arcbound doesnt need huge buff, only a small one, otherwise You would see arc everygame and on everyhero (every carry)


For example, if You would give every cleaver (like in old times) some dmg +15 (+30 full arc) and price lowered to 3,9-3,8k this item would be very popular



Or it could stay on price and get +18 +18 (45 full arc) more endgamish, less midgamish :)

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Not sure why every item should be popular. The problem with crits is hp. You dont really need khali with cont shard and lethal. You are at 100% wspeed and cont shard gives you high dps. You can do damage with hp after due to easy creep kills. But items with no hp will never gonna be used in inhouse by the majority.

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Maybe have it go what the hom used to do the burst of speed and wep spd and not be passive bur have to activate.

from memory HoM used to be 2400 and it gave 60% wep speed and 20% movement speed for 10 seconds

i hardly feel lowering the price by 300 will get it anywhere near useful still;

it has no endgame use this is the ultimate problem with the item, no matter if you lower the price its still going to get sold off for another item

please dont make a band-aid fix for it and not think about it for another 6 months

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The only character I see the benefit in going arcbound on is low movement speed semi-carry's. Kerrigan and Tychus are two that it synergizes well on. I think that Dehaka could even benefit from it... although other items on Dehaka show much more benefit, but I could see it on Dehaka to spam abilities.

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