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Clan lAOSl Recruiting Round 2


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Clan lAOSl is recruiting new members!


Last round of recruiting we added 3-4 regular/IH players to our roster who I think have very good potential. To keep up with pretty high turnover in the gaming world, we're recruiting another class for competitive play. If you want to be more competitive, improve your skills, or get more involved with Aeon of Storms in general, lAOSl is a solid choice. We aren't as strong as we have been in the past, but we're still a very solid clan with 10-12 active mumblers and another dozen semi-regular players. The clan's resume includes an AoS sponsored tournament win last spring, a second place finish in the "Core Summer 2013 Tournament," a fourth place finish in the "Brokentier Tournament" this last fall, and have fluctuated between 1st and 6th place in the Aeon of Storms In-House League for the last 4-5 months.


What do you need to do to become part of lAOSl

  • Download Mumble... It's not required that you have a mic, just being able to listen is essential though. Every recruit must download mumble before being invited to the clan
  • Get in contact with me or another officer of the clan (Phailer, Smorgishborg, Revision, Prodigy) for a tryout. We'll play a few pubs and see where you're skills are at.
  • We're looking for mechanics and in game decision making, KDA means nothing.
  • You really should be able to play at least a handful of heroes, although it's not absolutely required. In my experience those that can't play many of the heroes in the game, don't have solid mechanics or decision making.
  • Go to the guides section of the website and review Muto's mechanics basics and my topic on transitioning from pubbing to inhousing. Again, those things aren't strictly required, but usually people that understand laning, jungling, freezing, last hitting, etc. have better mechanics as well.

How to get in contact with me...

  • PM me on the forum
  • Find me on Mumble, I'm usually on 3-4 nights a week
  • Find me in game, my battlenet name is also Ginosaji
  • Find me in the "Aeon of Storms Chat" in SC2. Go to the arcade, click on Aeon of storms, then instead of clicking "join game," there will be a "join chat" in the top right. I'm usually in that chat if I'm online.


Edit: This may seem daunting to some new guys, but don't feel like you have no shot at getting in. Two of the guys we we recruited last round were pretty weak with pretty limited hero pools. They both just showed me that they were willing to commit to learning the game, so we let them in. Now they're both very improved with much larger hero pools and hang out with us on mumble regularly.

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Will u inv for u clan ppl from another server, i mean, from EU?

Yes, we take people from any server. The wise and mighty African brought his crew to merge with clan lAOSl back in the day. Those guys all left after while for various reasons, but it worked out and was great fun for awhile.

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Well as being one of the founding fathers of this clan. You can feel free to contact me as well! Gino is just stubborn and wont give me my officer powers back. #WhoBroughtYouIntoClanGino?


Looking forward to meeting new faces. DONT FEEL DISCOURAGE to talk to any of us! Gino went through this process as well :)



PS: Dont forget about clan FCKG, It might make a comeback :)

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Zaid stop trolling people please, want to joke or play I think this is not the place.


I'd like to join, or have a shot. IGN: Commander

Look for Gino, Phaller, Destroyer.. I think they are the most active players.. I'm

Sure they will put you on trial :)

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