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[Alpha.Crackling v1.165] Legs of the Swarm


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“I am the Swarm. Armies will be shattered. Worlds will burn.” - Kerrigan







Im blue dabade dabade .....


Crackling is a burst assasin with extremly high mobility, that can easily snowball games to victory.

He is one of the most feared chars for squishy units and is especially viable with certain teamcompositions, waiting behind his teammates waiting for the perfect opportunity to jump in and thus taking out one enemy after another.





Crackling offers a high burst which is a mixture of mainly spell and physical damage, thanks to his ultimate he can close damage to long range caster/carrys extremly fast and also slow them, but doesnt offer constant damage output like others.

He is especially viable vs squishy team compositions and with a teamcomposition that can slow/stun/trap the enemy.

He cant lane, so he will always jungle (what he can do very easy) and he's an extremly strong ganker once he has his ultimate and is also one of the best early tower divers that are there.

If u need a jungler and face some squishy targets u have no counter to plus a team composition that offers good cc, he will be an excellent pick.

I have to mention that some heroes are especially strong vs crackling, f.e. tosh that offers tons of midgame cc that u cant counter easily with parallax, this makes it far harder for alpha to strike.









Might (+15 weapon damage)

Fury (+15% weapon speed)

Veteran(+1,5 Levels)

Integrity (+6 armor)

Swiftness (+6% movement speed)

Youth (+180 Energy)


Some nice early energy, and veteran helps to jungle/snowball easier.





Might (+15 weapon damage)

Fitness (+180 health)

Prodigy (+12% cooldown reduction)

Swiftness (+6% movement speed)

Youth (+180 Energy)

Wealth (+200 Minerals)


Instead of the additional experience, u can start with machette plus a health pot and have a higher cd reduction.

Weapon speed does only really help to jungle so its not mandatory.





Skill build:


Its possible to build his skills very different, many things are viable i will offer some options:





Every point in W will add 20% weapon damage scaling, Q has 40 additional spell damage per level.

That means once u have more than 200 weapon damage its stronger to have W maxed.

This build aims for a strong midgame timing and easy farming with W.






This build offers stronger early to midgame ganking. The additional cd on his Q can be usefull.




Item build:


early game:

Hatchet can help farming, however i wouldnt get it if i would start with the 2 talent option.

Machette is our early farming tool.

Lost treasure can help to farm extremly easy, u can buy it if u want to build parallax.

The followup can be different ... we have the option to build two core items first:

Black hole magnum or Energy saber.

BHM or ocelots is usefull to gank more early, energy saber is better to farm and will allow us to get the energy stacked ealier.

If u start with Esaber then build kinetic cell first, and spam your abilities.



mid - late game:

Str. pots can help to survive early.

The next main item is Galactic, because it does extremly fit his style: an active that allows us to survive long enough to burst one enemy down and escape, attack damage and the spell resist is also nice.

Parallax isnt really mandatory, but because we face a lot of cc most of the time it becomes a must have item in order not to die easily.

I dont offer more options because thats nearly everytime to go, sometimes u have to parallax even earlier if u face great cc, but usually u want to have galactic first.



additional items:

Yamato is an awesome item for crackling: spell damage is the main source of damage alpha has so yamato will increase that and also make us extremly fast with our ultimate.

Shinobi is a decent item to initiate, plus have more burst.

Forces of Entropy is nice to get some additional damage and health.




core items:







+ :ParallaxGenerator: (most of the time)







nice to jungle early, unfortunatly zerglings arent cloaked if we buy shinobi ....



A jump with damage, this is how we close distance to our target. (plus 40 spell damage per level)



Good farming tool and will also allow us to heal extremly fast plus the additional spell damage is nice.



A slow which has a great damage if u hit all his bullets.

If u are very close u can easily hit all and do the full damage, adding even more burst.




The reason some people find crackling overpowered, such a high movement speed boost.

Allows us to close distance and escape safely most of the time.

Especially nice with shinobi or yamato.






Start at you thor camp and jungle your way trough the camps.

Q plus E are strong early gank tools once u have your ultimate.

Tower diving low health enemies is possible if u still have your ultimate.

If u are stealing camps then make sure your ultimate isnt on cd.

Watch out for runes, as they will help your farming and ganking.

Never autoattack other carrys/tanks except if their health is very low (allowing u to 1-2 hit them), rather wait until you have your burst again.

Every spell will proc BHM once!

Galatic can help to survive longer.






Flank / wait behind your team.

If u see your chance move in, activate your ultimate once u get close enough for them to attack/hit u.

Activate galactic + yamto, W then Q and E. Try to hit all bullets of your E and it will also allow us to at least double proc BHM.

U can try to triple proc BHM with Q then W and E after, but u have to autoattack your target at least three times then.

I have to mention that Q is buggy sometimes again, so sometimes its safer to use E before u jump in, do this if u are sure that u will kill the target without all bullets hitting.

If u have shinobi u can use it to come closer.

Dont attack the tanks, focus on squishy caster/carrys that are not close to their team.

If u have done your combo u run out and wait until you can use your abilities again. DONT aa them.

Is also safer to burst targets down that are slowed, this way Q wont bug that easily.

Dont run in alone as u wont have a chance ... u are not the initiator, even if u gathered some kills, u can snipe ppl with bad positioning and easily burst down one squishy target when u teamfight.














as always feedback is welcomed.

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Great guide again...


I would still mention Timesplitter as a late game item. Other than that keep up the good work!



Crackling is one of the rare agi carrys i dont like to have timesplitter with.

Because u wont autoattack the target anyway, and the general idea is to run in burst someone down and get out asap.

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Well, saber and bhm + galactic is a must have, parallax most games too, that leaves us with one last item we can choose....

yamato shinbo are both better options than time splitter in my opinion.

yamato really fits the burst style and makes u uncatchable and shinobi is great to initiate and burst.

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I agree with you that Shinobi and Yamato are both great items on him... however I was just pointing out the fact that TS is also viable on him ( because in your other guides you go over multiple ways to build/ different items to buy)


well the problem is that there are very little things u can change while u build crackling and do as good (unfortunatly).

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As herman said, great guide. I agree with all the item choices, all I have to reccomend are some items to finish out the build. Electric mantle is one of the best options in my opinion, it gives you more hp, which is great, movespeed and a stun to stop yourself from dying to an aa with timesplitter. Gravity edge is a good alternative to yamato if you aren't good at managing actives, since it has similar effect but passive. They both increase spell damage, and both increase speed, yamato just has bigger versions of the effects on an active. Sunflare gun is good if you are having trouble finishing off their squishies, and it's energy synergizes with esaber. Besides these items, items that give more hp are the way to go, such as organic, which is a good choice if you are just getting blown up too fast.

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can you be more detailed on the skills of the char? I never really tried him and I generally can play on weekends so I´d rather evaluate his skillsets and any personal tips or little tricks you know about them reading the guide(rather to save time of testing the char)


lol yeah I ask this since you have pretty much all the spare time in the world now(you write like a new guide every 2 days average???) which can be good I you use the time to make detailed high quality guides IMO keep up the good work

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Crackling Q-Single target jump that scales off of AD, bring your lings with you.

W-Makes your next attack deal a percentage of your AD as spell damage, and heals you for this extra damage dealt.

E-Shoots 3 orbs that deal spell damage and slow heavily, scales off of int.

R-Gives a ton of movespeed and has another effect I don't remember well, I think it increases damage from your little lings.

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Yea, BHM, energy saber, galactic as core damage items. You'll almost always need Parallax, unless they are really bad at drafting and didn't get any CC whatsoever. Only thing I would change is ability order. Max E first because it's your main source of damage early. I max W second for sustain.

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