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Its not broken if you buy 2 in a game you will instantly win(or well all stats str/int/agl to 999 so y win) . (You cannot sell items, use -money command, or do this after 42 minute mark)

This is incredible hard to pull off as it forces you to farm insane and get 6 towers + 2 aeon pickups (or loads of feed). So i recommend not trying this

42 minutes is a joke based on hitchhikers guide to the universe

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1) when did they say that?

2) any details on the item effects?

3) any estimated release date for the item?


in beforehand thanks

1. Quite awhile ago, soon after the new items I believe. (?)

2.Supposed to enhance ults of heroes, like the scepter thing in dota.

3.I don't believe they have one, will probably be awhile considering the complicated nature of what it is supposed to be.

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