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The Effectiveness of Auto-target


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So basically neither of you read my post. Thanks though for each of your useless responses.


It was a question on opinion towards the change. I stated that I haven't played against a good shadow yet so I'm curious if it seems to help or hinder when clicking on said 'good' shadow. I think I like it (Notice I didn't say 'STUPID CHANGE, WHAT DO YOU THINK?'), but I'm curious what others think of it.

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Its only effective if you are in jungle and no other enemies are around. That being said i can't imagine a hero wanting to 1v1 aa a good shadow besides grunty to shotgunstep to river. (A walk + q, normal walk, A walk + q, etc)

Other heroes like ling zera nova should use skills to make a kill on shadow and thus have to click him anyway

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