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Tass Build


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Sure thing; I'll make a list of things and how to work with them

1. When you first spawn get 4 Temporal plating

2. Get lightning rod; get the intelligence component then the attack speed for it; You should hit lvl 6 right as you get lightning rod which allows you to pull and get kills via spiking with lightning rod followed by your q attacks

3. Get Cerebro, makes you have perma shield

4. Get Star's Fury, helps vs heroes

5. Start getting Gravity edge; however if the opponent is dominating too much spell resist in the form of Phantom Menace or armor via Dark Steel Titan should be gotten first

6. If you haven't gotten them already, get Phantom Menace and DST

7. Get Time splitter; combined with Phantom Menace and your e it will let you run incredibly fast, combined with the agil of the others you'll be able to easily dodge Nova and Shadow, so they'll be easy 1v1, and on top of your already burst dps you can now stun

8. Finally, if the game is still going on, sell Star's Fury because people usually have high spell resist, and get Eternity; this will let you heal and easily solo towers without taking dmg.


Total end items: Cerebro, (Eternity or Star's Fire), Phantom Menace, DST, Gravity edge, Time splitter

AoE burst dmg with survivability


Thoughts on my build?

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