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BloodSky Tournament Banner


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I made a Banner for the tourney I wanted to know what you guys think,(we the mods already saw it , now I want to know what do you guys think, also you can create your own and show it to us.. We are still looking for a Banner for the tourney


I made this one just to inspire people to help us create a great banner :) gl


What do you guys think about my banner? (what should I add , change, remove etc??)






anyone interested? please feel free to give feedback.


-Thanks CoolBluE





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i like but have some tips;


remove the darkened box around the aeon of storms logo, it makes the right side of the picture look odd if you focus on the colour of the sky its too drastic a change to a dark sky on the right side


remove the blurry-ness on the Blood word i understand that you wanted it to have a feel but its just displeasing to the eye and makes you squint, instead maybe try dripping blood either on the word on the zergs teeth


tilt the protoss guys head upwards hes staring at the zergs jaw, is there something in his teeth? they should be making eye contact, no one looks straight ahead and then turns there eyeballs up full tilt, it also makes you feel semi de-ranged


sharpen the rocks to the left side that the zerg is on, they look too much like fluffy clouds instead of a cliff or something that he could actually stand on, it makes the picture feel unrealistic


add a moon?


what are the 2 random bolts / beams shooting upwards in the bottom right corner? it almost looks like protoss shooting at protoss


increase the white intensity / glow of the protoss eyes they need to have more effect because they are so small, you could even chuck a small area glow off them

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was this done with ms paint? or Photoshop?


If it was done with ms paint im impressed, but with photoshop not so much. It looks like you took some sc2 pic and just pasted txt and the logo ontop of it.


If your interested in graphic design. I suggest getting a copy of photoshop and looking at some tutorials. like this,


There are plenty of sites with free renders and stock's and plenty of sights with tutorials and more so on

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