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Starscream's ulti


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I'm not 100% sure that this is a bug per say but I think this is the best section for it: SS ulti just feels extremely broken/buggy. I can understand that not every ability can be unique and also skill-based and interesting, and SS has other skill shots at his disposal that make up for his ulti; but his ulti auto-targeting shouldn't imply that it persists in CC, is unaffected by slow/timescale effects on the hero (zera ulti in particular, I see how this philosophy can work backwards with yamato but at least they should be affected by bubble), and even worse, persists for 3-5 hits after death, which usually means whatever killed him dies as well.


tl;dr starscream ulti needs better checks to ensure that it's dispelled instantly on death and is affected by cc, true slow, timescale slow and other disables.

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