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Just found these screenshots from 2011


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See how much AoS has changed over 2 years. Holy ****!


4.0 with oldest UI.










4.0 with better UI but still without simplified stats.


Toxi, the single most OP hero in the history of AoS, at his OPest time period. (Look at dat ult passive!)








This picture sums up 5.0 perfectly...






The developer used to play with us a lot! Size changes was the best!






The original OP Raynor and guess who was playing it!






Marche and Questman feeding in 5.0.





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for the picture marked "4.0 with oldest UI."

I do miss that map. and how being near your tower(or was it the thing next to the tower) gave you a little buff for energy regen.



"This picture sums up 5.0 perfectly..." I remember using unix marines to block creep wave to stack them up. then u could just over run an entire lane.


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Earliest memory of the game was either:


Trying to buy a BHM/DST can't remember which one and being annoyed because I couldn't work out how to buy one of the components. Took me hours to fid that secret shop.




Getting really happy playing as shadow because I could kill people:p

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Dat nostalgia

Boros stacking 3 spell storm onto himself and melt everyone

Shadow vortex that stuns for 3 sec and stepping strikes onto every single terain

and reaper spamming turret

lvl 1 gank ,Applying the spellstorm on the speedy + urself ( when the speed was like 50%-100% quicker). Them firstbloods / doublekills.

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