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Hi, small question


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Hi I'm BusterK, this is my first topic and first time on forum.


I have a small question: I have played like 20 games of AOS so far and I always begin with 650 minerals and level 1 . But Yesterday I watched a replay, and a gold player who was on my team at the start of the game was already at level 2 and 1/2 with 850 minerals and his initial attack speed with Murloc marine was 72 / 1.40 with no items, mine the other day was 68/ 1.64 with no item at the start of the game. Both of games has no drops or leavers. Is it mean that gold player or higher start with more attack speed, damage , health, energy etc..?

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Hi there, welcome to the forum.


The reason the grunty you saw had these extra minerals and levels is because he selected the wealth and veteran talents, you set up your talents at the start of the game when you are picking your hero, just click on the button that is conveniently labelled "talents" and it will open up with a window so you can choose which talents you want, you only get to choose 6 talents in total though so choose wisely.

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Hey guys, i think it is a good place to post questions.

My question:

1. does Vergil's passive (W) lowers damage of Boros in ulty?

2. If Vergil have Shadowmourne does his shadow lower damage too?

3. With which passives shadowmourne doesn't work. Nova's mark, raynor's mark - deals it additional 2% damage or not?

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1. Yes unless boros presses Q before ult which would debuff him. If not, im sure the debuff would wear off before the ult ended.

2. If your normal AA produces spell damage then yes, you would need something like pyre to do so.

3. Rephrase your question if I misinterpret it, but, Nova's and Raynor's mark linearly decrease the targets resist and is applied to the hero. So if you attack something as nova, you will apply the mark and then your shadow will deal 30% to it. He will take more damage since his resist is lower.

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