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LZ Build


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0/3/3 talents. Taking HP, Armour, Spell Resistance, Energy, Swiftness, Wealth.


Items: Lost Treasure, Miner's Goggles, Buckler, Spell Buffer, Khorhal Vanguard, Chilling Artifact, Lifetech Nanosuit, Sword Breaker, Coat of Arms, ...


Basically always keep two money items (buy them again after you build them into something) as this will be the main source of your income. The main starting items will usually be the same, you will have to buy SB, Vanguard, Chilling (maybe just one of them, sometimes two, and sometimes even all three. It depends on your team comp). After that you basically want to stack HP for your ultimate but also buy some extra support items like Sword Breaker.


Upgrade Bucker to DST whenever you feel like it, depends on how AA-heavy your opponents are. But don't do this upgrade until you have at least one of the support items for your team.


Edit: btw welcome to the forums.

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One time I saw a good friend of mine go this build and get godlike.



3.2.1 I think lv2 dmg speed hp ms


Item build

He started with that axe picture item for like 300 minerals and two of those components for machete

Into machete











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No pub build fulfills this requirement. If it doesn't work in inhouse then it isn't good. Period.


Yup in looking for op in house builds. Thank you ! Im new to the forum but not the game. I just started up again after taking about 6 months off so just getting my barings stright since my old builds are mostly crap now lol.

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Mus's build is quite standard and good for LZ. I would add silver soul as a situational item as well to build from lost treasure.


Main thing is to be tanky so you give your allies more shields. Second thing is to be a good support with auras and team items. Luckily, most team items/auras give at least 300 hp.

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Korhal spell buffer and chilling are most important, taser / breaker can be sneaked in, same with dial, pyre only if your team struggles to kill the health pool later, and if u don't have more important items.

Treasure isn't a must anymore.


Build: goggles, buckler, Korhal into situational


Treasure isnt worth it on lz imo, u have to build goggles first (because I'll start with the extra farm right away) and u have to spend 900 for something u don't build into something and delay your support items.


Talents: 1/2/3 or 0/2/4


Impact dial / soul vs teams without blinks.


Most important point is to learn how to trap enemies and kite them.

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