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Zerg and Toss Towers


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Add tower upgrade purchases that act as consumables and can only be applied to one tower of the players choosing and lasts 10 minutes. Multiple types of these consumable upgrades, when applied they can not stack attributes.

These consumables could: increase range by +X units, tower attacks deal splash damage for X% dmg, apply tower shields for X% tower HP, thorns X% dmg returned to attacker, tower nydus system, toxic death; when tower dies every enemy within X units takes poison damage equal to X% HP over X seconds.

Basically temporary consumable buffs that can make towers not so easy to take down.


Or make it possible to capture towers rather than raze them. So it becomes a game of tug of war and teams that are turtling can't get a lucky team wipe then all push middle and win.


Or put a neutral sentry tower on the corners in place of the fire bat creeps. At 10 minute mark a notice goes to all players that the sentry towers are available for claiming, first team to capture it gains a free 'beacon of light' over the aeon/levi ward areas depending which side of map its on. Claiming the sentry towers are like in Halo or Battlefield or any domination/conquest game where it must be held for so many seconds and every enemy hero within the set unit space cancels out one capturing hero. Neutralize and Captures take 15 seconds each. If necessary add a mineral tax to capture it of like 1000 minerals.


P.S. Curious question: Does tower damage scale the longer the game goes?

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I play shad sometimes

I battle with the enemy hero's then it jumps forwardd

I loses 400,500 health to it


That's why sometimes I don't put any levels into stepping strikes early game during the laning phase. They could just make it so stepping strikes doesn't work on creep.

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2 item slots: shadowmourne with explosive retrofit wtf!


UPD. 3 slots - eternity is needed.


Temple has 10 slots. 5 Sunflareguns without shared cool down and 15k mana.


and who would control the tempel? their range should be buffed to raynor ulti range to i guess no?

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