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Nova builds


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Here is what I believe for every auto attack dps:

Isomorphic Pyre kills health

Contamination Shard kills armor

Timesplitter is just op

Shadowmourne builds stacks (as well as damage)

Khali Blade gives flat out damage


Now I personally get Lethal Barb for the unique not for the crits. Max weapon speed with a single item? Yes please.


Here is a build I go, but it generally falls short of builds that utilize Shinobi Style and Black Hole Magnum. Still, I feel good enough about it that I would play it in In-House.


Hunter's Hatchet and 2 Fusion Blades-->Machete-->Lethal Barb-->Stun Knife-->Force of Entropy (at this point you need a survivability item and this does nicely; it also provides some weapon damage and slow)-->Contamination Shard (you should have around 260-300 weapon damage which I think is enough to warrant getting shard)-->Galactic Defender/Khali Blade (depends on whether I am dying a lot or not)-->Galactic Defender/Khali Blade-->Finish Timesplitter-->Sell Lethal Barb for Isomorphic Pyre-->Shadowmourne-->sell Force of Entropy for a situational (I would say either explosive retrofit to help push faster or a leech item like Darwin's Might or Eternity)

Also since you seem new let me explain something about Lethal Barb; you get it on Nova only because she procs the unique for sure with her w;you should not get this on heroes that do not proc it. For example, if I was playing Darpa or Shadow, I would probably go machete-->stun knife-->phase cloak-->Isomorphic Pyre-->Survivability item

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@taznkid Lethal is not as good as just getting agility or pyre. The reasons for this are that the attack speed from timesplitter is wasted, you cannot crit towers so that you cannot kill towers quickly, and lethal barb doesn't bring you to max attack speed instantly, so your first round of hit will be at very slow attack speed, which makes a normal weapon speed/agility built nova gain a huge advantage when dueling you.

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