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Hero Concept - General Warfield


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Hello everyone, I'm continue to share with you of my little thoughs about new hero concepts.

Hope this time will b better)


After playing lots of games with cow and grunty i think that the most funny skills are global skills - toilet and lawncher, so adding few more will help us entertain more.




Role: caster, dps

Difficulty: Hard

Class: Caster

Role: DPS

Scaling is not done yet

Attack animation - Ranged, machine-gun


Unique: as usual i am weak with passives

active unique: General's adutant. Call down by pressing V marine beacon with some defending ability for a short period of time, or something like tassadars V - but marine without skills but with some good stuff: marine with shield who slows gankers.


Toggle melee/ranged attack.

ranged:+10% damage

melee: +10 resist


Q - General is a ranged Hero who will not fall in melee fight, Warfield will hit enemy with 3 melee attacks: 2 first will stun enemy for 0.15 seconds (55/65/75/85 (+40int) damage per hit) and the 3rd attack will knock target back in 3 units dealing 110/130/150/170 (+40int) spell damage and stun for 0,9 seconds. UPD: doubles spell damage if in melee mode


W - General launches rocket from his hand to the target location. rocket when ingested any 1 unit drags him to target location and explodes dealing aoe damage (2units radius). Range - 9.

Deals 110/150/190/230 (+60int) damage.

CD 22/20/18/16 seconds (KA-BOOM, BABY))

UPD: adds 1 second stun at the end if in ranged mode


- General arms his hand with a flamethrower for 3 seconds dealing spell damage in 3 units line (1,5 unit wide) in front of him amplifying damage. each second being under flames applies stack of damage amplification by 10%, stacks lasts 6 seconds.

Deals 50/65/80/95 (+40int) spell damage per second

CD 22/18/16/14 seconds

UPD: adds 1 second duration if in melee mode.

UPD======W can be 2 skills: rocket for ranged mode and flamethrower for melee mode.



E - General calls down medivac after 3 seconds delay which lasts 6/9/12/15 seconds healing General for 4% of his maximum life. Medivac have 60% of General maximum health and 4MS. Medivac have movement speed boost +2 for 2,5/3/3,5/4 seconds right after loading General. Medivac unloads General automatically - same way as SS lands.

CD 30/26/22/18 seconds after unloading.

Can be reworked: click on target location to deliver General, and you can't control medivac, radius of 20.


R - General calls down Orbital Strike. Orbital strike hits target area (3 unit radius) after 5 seconds aiming dealing 300/600/900(+100int) true damage. In 1,5 units radius damage doubles. Skill range: global. CD 120/90/60 seconds. Optional - requires vision at target area.


Combo FTW: come from behind, activate Orbital strike countdown, 3hit combo for stun, launch rocket to orbital strike location trying to catch stunned enemy with your rocket.

Combo with TS and Shinoby: cloak, R, Q, TS stuns

Combo with LB: use R on enemy, lockbox enemy, come closer, use 2 fist hits from your Q/use TimeSplitter

Team combo: Shady's vortex, Zera's bubble, Jax R/E, Drake's Q-R combo.



What do you think guys?



Additional info about skills

hero unique/V - thinking about: for me it looks like that General can be interesting hero. He is ranged but can be melee hero aswell, maybe add "melee/ranged" toggle to V

Q - damage output can be changed to 100% weapon damage for first 2 hits and 125% weapon damage for 3rd attack


W - like anti-bola or like Firebat


E - good healing after 3 seconds delay. How it looks when used - Medivac comes from the sky with burning animation and loads General. Medivac is automatically selected when General is loaded. can be canceled with lockbox - LB General when Medivac is coming. Can load General while he is attacked by infestor's R or silenced after Medivac is called. Can not load if General in fungal, Nova's web, vortex or any kind of stun.


R - skill for PRO's. Huge damage in reward for the successful use.

1. Good to use when enemies pushing your tower;

2. Good to use when enemy is retreating or warping home;

3. Use it close to yourself and hold position if you are tanky enough;

4. Put ward near Aeon and Levi to kill enemies who are trying to kill boss-creeps.

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1500 true dmg is a bit much. But 1 unit radius is nearly nothing (it's small, much smaller than geneva W). Maybe since it's such a big delay the radius should be larger (at least 3, maybe 4). However, how is it different from rancor nuke?


You'd be able to control the medi? how fast would it be?

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1500 true dmg is a bit much. But 1 unit radius is nearly nothing (it's small, much smaller than geneva W). Maybe since it's such a big delay the radius should be larger (at least 3, maybe 4). However, how is it different from rancor nuke?


You'd be able to control the medi? how fast would it be?



Orbital Strike must look like ultimate ability, ultimate weapon of Terran fleet General, high precision strike. Remember ladder gamese/ tourney game when good nuke lands on Protoss army - this looks awesome, and i want to add something like that because rancor's nuke have short time to land and deals not too much damage to say "yeeeeaaaaaaaaaah".


Radius of 4 is huge, this must be a real skill shot - you will deal insane amount of damage if aimed right. thats why i added 5 second countdown.


Rancor nuke - everyone can see red dot at the ground.

Warfield Strike - only you and your mates see white/yellow circle on the ground.


Medi: yes, speed boost is about 6, normal speed is 4.

this hero require high skill cap to play well.


UPD: Orbital strike:increased radius from 1 to 1,5 units.

Medi: Boost duration adjusted.

Alternative mechanism for Medi added.

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I like the first two skills, but the E and R are a bit cheesy for me. The E doesn't seem very practical, does it just load you up to heal you? I don't think I understand it completely. The R offers insane damage but only if the enemy can be cc locked. With teamwork it would be insanely powerful, but without it the skill would be completely useless.

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With E you can tower dive - tower dive, E, attack 3 seconds, GTFO)))

I posted earlier when you can use R successfully.

I can see uses of the E, but I just think it is clunky and doesn't synergize with the rest of his kit. Your uses for R wouldn't work without a team, since enemy could just get truesight and see the mark, then move.
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1.5 unit radius is still tiny. Think about dodging kerri ulti after multiple casts. It lands in much less than 5 seconds and has a greater radius (just by looking at it I'd say it's between 2.25 and 2.5). You'd never be able to hit anyone unless there was no warning during the charge and they happened to stand perfectly still for 5 seconds.

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