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Summers guide anyone?


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Ok, I wasn't going to say anything since I'm not the best at Jakk, but no one else said anything helpful.

Start lost treasure, it means Jakk will never worry about mana, even if you can't aa that much and it gives a great income boost. Lockbox, allows your E mines to hit and gives great escapability if needed. Lightning rod, gives good damage and synergizes with jakk's passive for aa. Finish Cerebro, it is just a great item on Jakk overall and makes him able to clear waves insanely fast. Gravity Edge, makes his aa and skills deal huge damage and gives a great movespeed boost for map control. Pyre, puts you at close to max attack speed and has synergy with the gravity edge which amplifies its spell damage. Yamato Reactor, lets you go over attack speed cap once you reach it and gives a huge boost to spell damage and movespeed as well. Eternity, gives you atk speed cap on grenades, weapon damage for your aa, and huge leech of grenades. Last item is shadowmourne, since it procs your grenade damage.

Note: this is aa Jakk summers, and it is the way I build him. It probably isn't the best way, but it works very well for me. Highdrater is very good at Jakk, so you could PM him for further help.

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This is the build that I play with based on Highdrater's:


Might, Fury

Fitness, Integrity, Discipline


Explanation: Since Jakk's Energy Rifle gives you energy, you do not need youth. I personally only use the rifle for energy and for sniping enemies running away since I like Grenades for splash and extra damage, but again, that is just preference. Integrity and Discipline allows you to build more like a glass-cannon, as they will give you sufficient survivability (so long as you grab some health items now and then). Jakk is a monster as auto-attack late-game (and fairly decent through all stages), so grab Might and Fury.


Now for skills:

Max E for sure.

I like to get Q after E, but if you will move around alot, think about getting W for that vision.

Get Ulti as normal.


Final Item Build:


Yamato Reactor


Gravity Edge

Nitrogen Retrofit

Isomorphic Pyre

General Build Order:

Duran's Machete-->Schrödinger's Lockbox-->Lightning Rod-->Ihan Crystal-->Gravity Edge-->Isomorphic Pyre/Nitrogen Retrofit--> Isomorphic Pyre/Nitrogen Retrofit--> (finish Cerebros sometime after this) Shadowmourne-->Sell Ihan for Yamato Reactor

Explanation: You do not need energy or extra money, so screw Lost Treasure and Duran's Pendant. Get Duran's Machete for the lane sustain. Now since the mines allow good farming, you do not need Lightning Rod as much IMO as Lockbox, as Lockbox allows you to start engaging enemy heroes effectively.

Combo with Lockbox goes something like this:

Lockbox-->Mines (E)-->Switch to Rifle-->Auto-Attack-->Stun with E-->Auto Attack some more

If you notice your opponents prefer to not run away, just use Grenades instead. Lockbox allows you to grab some kills until you get your auto-attack build up.

Lightning Rod adds even more deadliness to the above combo, plus the farming is always nice.

Ihan stacks are great, so get them, plus it provides your first chunk of cheap health.

Gravity Edge is especially deadly on Jakk; not only will your mines (E) do true damage as well, BUT SO DO YOUR GRENADES. Gravity Edge is essentially a Contamination Shard for Jakk (only there will also be spell damage, plus regular damage along with the true damage).

Isomorphic Pyre: Suddenly, Jakk is lobbing Grenades like its baseball season. At this point, using Rifle is almost pointless, as Grenades basically have the same attack speed as the Rifle but do more damage (ALOT MORE WITH GRAVITY EDGE).

Nitrogen Retrofit: Your Grenades proc it. So screw the Rifle for sure now. Just Lockbox, then auto attack away, the slow from Grenades will prevent them from escaping. Plus it has great stats, you really need the intelligence and health.

Shadowmourne: I get Shadowmourne first because I'm not very good about using actives, but if you are unlike me, get Yamato Reactor first. Shadowmourne procs Grenades as well, it's just stupid OP almost; Grenade-Shadowmourne is kind of like Explosive Retrofit-Shadowmourne, only it hurts the primary target as well.

Yamato Reactor: At this point, your auto-attack build is completed. Although you do alot of damage even without Yamato, Yamato with Grenades is just ridiculous damage; I think you will have around 400-500 Intelligence with around 300-500 weapon damage, so:

300-500 Weapon Damage

Around 100 Spell SPLASH damage

Around 30 True Damage

Plus Cerebros Procs

Plus Shadowmourne procs


Hope this helps.

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I forgot: you also get isomorphic pyre procs.

As for ultimate:

Place it remembering splash radius. So you don't need to put mines right up against tower. Also, place them based on gameplay. If they tend to come to mid lane a lot, mine mid. Getting ganked from the side of tier 1 mid tower? Mine it. See a lane getting pushed? Mine the tower. Saves time and mana if you place the mines somewhere where there is a high probability of them being used. Just make sure to place a w if you aren't sure of vision. If you want some laughs: mine their Thor. Makes even your opponents laugh it's so funny.

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When I play Jakk I like to place my ulti mines somewhere where I can retreat to if I get ganked by some OP nigga. Placing them somewhere in the lane is good, since you will always be close to them. I once did this in a pub, and I baited the enemy Shadow to the mines twice and blew him up.


If you plan on placing some mines at towers or near bosses then you should place some W wards around the mines so you can see when enemies are approaching. Then select the group of mines that you need and hit V to detonate. Make sure that you have the hotkey (left click) for selecting units set up correctly, otherwise you won't be able to select individual or groups of mines.

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