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Be more careful is the only way to not die. You should be able to farm easily with your 3x destructor aura (Red Aura). Maar is difficult to play to his fullest potential and I'm somewhat of a novice at him. Two or three of the people that play Maar best (as far as I've seen) swear by Nitrogen retrofit as a first item. I really like it too. With the slow on from Nitrogen, you can put down an aura during team fights on one of your flanks. This way, an enemy trying to hit you from a blindspot will be slowed through your aura, giving you more time to react. Frost wave+Nitrogen retrofit is also pretty hilarious.


Edit: Maar should always go mid if at all possible. In pubs, it doesn't always work out, but try. Ward in the river just off the bottom of the ramp, so you can see when someone attempts to gank. If you're in a side lane, wards are key again.

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i don`t play maar but i agree with Ginosaji and his annoying spoon animation


Nitro gives int, slow, and the life it gives is right away....unlike ihan...ward....ward...ward...ward some more....its like dustin i a way. You spot them with time thanks to wards and even if they use a cheap trick to get fast to you then theres nitro + spells to slow them as you run. Also after ihan and nitro you MAY want to get a move speed item. Since you`ll be more in the open by this time. Also, combined with nitro for slows you can chain combo spells + keep moving towards the target. This way you can chase just about any character that does not have a blink. Worked on me quite some times. Was not prepared and underestimated the range of the spells. Once slowed by one spell maar would always seem to be running(with bonus speed) fast enough to keep me in range of more slow spells. You can even pick tanks this way if their tankyness is not built yet.


About the dying part. Its vital that when enemies are around that can stun pull whatever trick on you , please resist the urge to auto attack creeps. I see this mistake with dustin and raynor a lot. The thing about this 3 characters is that you are squishy as hell but rely on the RANGE of your spells to keep lane prescence as well as to harrass and sometimes get last hit on creeps. By going auto attack you make this a quick draw contest. Whomever gets to "nuke" or auto attack with stun knife and a dps item wins. Maar in that sense falls behind dustin and raynor. You must BUILD your spell orbs so you will likelly never win a quickdraw contest. Instead maar is all about range and SUSTAINING the dps, sustaining the long range harass, stacking int and obliterating creep waves later on, but always from afar. Frustrating the enemy since they can pretty much do nothing as long as you stay in the range of yous spells and not auto attack...


the only time you should be going inside a team battle is to last hit a running oponent with your wave and you are confident you can back off alive or you have good coordination with the team and they can help you pull it off (maar goes in, gets kill, and when about to die gets pulled by drake or bola).


Thats all I can think of right now.

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I've been vacationing in Florida for a couple weeks, but when I get back home I'll upload a couple replays for you with the new nerf to mass teleport (pretty massive nerf for pub play, not so much for IH).


I'm assuming you're playing pub, because with maar, at least for me, it changes the order on Nitro/gravity. If you know you got a team you can count on, the slow on nitro for destruction aura/frost wave is extremely strong and you can lean on your allies to shoulder the damage output. If you can't count on your team (most pub games), you're going to need the extra damage and move speed on Gravity because you'll be doing a lot more kiting/sapping.


Either way, I like Ihan first, but I think I'm the only maar that does that. I like Ihan first on maar for four reasons. 1) The active instantly solves his energy problems without wasting talents on energy/energy regen. 2) It dramatically improves his survivability early in the game when he desperately needs it. 3) It has a substantially higher Intel/mineral ratio than any other item in the game. 4) You can sell it and get an even higher intel/mineral ratio without wasting an inventory slot if you need the minerals after carrying it 10 minutes.


For reference, Ihan and other intel items intel/mineral ratios:



80 Intel/2950 minerals (1 intel - 36.875 minerals)


Ihan after carrying 10 minutes and selling

50 intel/1475 minerals (1 intel - 29.5 minerals)



Gravity Edge

100 intel/4100 minerals (1 intel - 41 minerals)



Symphonic Seed

63 intel/3100 minerals (1 intel - 49.2 minerals)



Yamato on Intel Hero

76 intel/4300 minerals (1 intel - 56.58 minerals)


Nitrogen Retrofit

70 intel/4000 minerals (1 intel - 57.1 minerals)

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I've been vacationing in Florida for a couple weeks, but when I get back home I'll upload a couple replays for you with the new nerf to mass teleport (pretty massive nerf for pub play, not so much for IH).


pls upload one where you teleport garamonts ulti svc into enemie team gg i want something to laugh, like their rage for example

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Rush Nitro not Ihan. You get enough farm to buy it quickly. The aoe slow is just to good as tax said. Then go Gravity.


Honestly dont even buy ihan.


Nitro Gravity Stars give you a lot of damage. From there u can go defensive. Like Paralax Dark Steel Life Tech.


etc.. Buy wards, Buy the Strength Pot. There extremely cost effective. To stay alive early game

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Ultimately your build on Maar is about YOUR team vs THEIR team. Nitrogen to me has always been essential as a first or second item. anyways Maar should always have middle, No one maybe other than jakks controls middle better.A teleport gank and a few saps with argus and nitro is awesome.


Remember 2xred and 1xwhite haste bonus with phantom or a few argus and no one catches you.

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