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Anyone know which crit chance is the maximum you can get in Nova?


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your post makes little sense but ill try and explain critical hits completely;


crit chance has a maximum of 100%

novas crit chance is based upon if she has orbs or not so no orbs = no crit chance


crit dmg starts off at 50% of your physical dmg and is applied after mitigation / physical resistance of enemy

novas orbs grant her extra crit dmg ontop of that 50% (i forget how much but i think lvl 4 is 15% per orb max of 3 orbs) so if you have 3 orbs up it will be 95% crit dmg

khali is the only other item to give extra crit dmg of 50% allowing 100% crit dmg on any hero and 145% on nova


true dmg does not in any way effect crits

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