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this is prob the wrong section for this but ik ive never looked at the science facility before so imma put it here so maybe i can get some help lol..



ANYWAY i need suggestions on a fix for my headset the headset it self works but the mic won't both are installed correctly and have been uninstalled and reinstalled mulitple times. my mic worked 1 time with mumble the day i bought it and then never worked again. this is the second set of headset ive gone thru that have done the same thing. Could it be a mumble issue or could the port the mic plugs into just be faulty/broken? Advice/suggestions to check would be helpful. Mods if u truly have to move this to science facility lol.

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bottom right (speaker panel) right click it


select your microphone


listen tab

check the box that says listen to yourself, apply & now try talking this will tell you if its mumble related or not


if its not mumble related try a different headphone jack port or a different headset it has to be 1 of the 2

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ive tried switching ports from the front to the back and the mic picked up if i tapped it but not my voice so im thinking its the mic and the front port for the mic. so looks like im gonna have to get the port replaced and a new headset.


Before you bin the headset try it at a friends house, or a school/library computer. I highly doubt its the headset - more likely a setting on your computer being changed. Did you build your computer or did you buy it from a company such as Dell? Some computers are bundled with audio management software that can slyly change settings. For example for Dell I have Realtek HD Audio Manager installed.

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