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HotS Hero Contest (Submissions Closed)


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So the HoTS patch is out in 2 weeks?

no he's reviewing submissions & will make a decision on which heroes win the competition within the next 2 weeks


the HoT's patch is already under development i believe so;

the HoT's map will have to be finished & beta tested for bugs

the balance changes that have happened since HoT's map went under development will have to be applied

the contest winning hero to be created, beta tested, implemented along with a few other HoT's heroes


i wouldnt hold my breath

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How about a short list for us now?

The submissions


In order:


Automaton.Eradicator by barwick


Alexei.Reborn and Infested.Carrier by Legomancer


Defcon.Prime and Rigas.Earthshaker by FruitNinja


Khyrak.Avenger by Adamantium


Lenessa.Adept by thomulf


Darkseeker.Eclipse and Stalker.Notitlename by Doom


Series1.Eradicator and Viper.Krell by Jessika


Arkath.Nolastname and Test Subject 31 by Soundwave


Derais.Seher and Primordial.Eidolon by CaptCPC


Psionic.Turraneth and Executor.Artanis by the Mobile Sentry Ward


Frozen.Herdbeast by king


Zhao.Zhianliann by ANARCHY


Tremmor.Trevor by DjHilby

Edited by captcpc
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