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While this OP is extremely clear and articulate, I am not entirely sure what it has to do with "balance Debate".


That being said, KD is a silly measure of skill considering that many,many "pub stars" will play easy to play heroes that can net them cheap kills then rage quit as soon as they die once or twice, effectively having a huge KD with no assists and crap win/loss records.

Showing records at all has the effect of ebcouraging pub teams to rage quit if they think their team is "bad" straight fro mthe start, ruining the pub experience completely.

Honestly I think if it shows the records at all it should only be on the score screen, not during the game itself.

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If you really want a reliable system, it would have to evaluate kills and assists per win compared to kills and assists per game. If your kills per win are very low compared to kills per game, it suggests that you're the type that hoards kills then quits. By contrast, if your kills per win ratio is better, it suggests a more capable player. This would provide a "skill ratio" for each player which can then be averaged over the team to get an average skill ratio per team to compare and tell who has the more skilled team. But it still doesn't solve the fundamental problem as to why the K/D/A W/L/D scores were only revealed at the end of the game in the first place. People would see a strong person on the other team and RQ right at the start because they wanted easier meat. It only partially solves the problem if someone sees that the other team's ratio is higher than their own team's ratio and then RQs.

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