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how to play tassadar


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can anyone explain me how u play tassadar?


its the only hero i think im not good with ... i try to use r and w and autoattack with the other one but that doesnt kill most of the time ...

and i dont know what item should buy

i tried SHM and nitrogen but idk if that was really good because i had like no attack speed

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He's pretty easy mode... Your attack speed issue is because you are rushing the SHM and Nitrogen too early possibly. I would suggest squeezing a lightning rod in there first before building those two items.


I personally always open with Lost Treasure, Durans Machette, Lightning Rod and Ocelots revolver. This alone makes you and your clone just simply HURT heroes early game, and clear waves/neuts like they are nothing. Both the durans machette and lightning rod give you attack speed for cheap.


Next I work on SHM, then turn ocelets into Atom Smasher. Pub Nova's and Shadow's are usually a non-issue at this point. I also start pounding STR pots at this point for the Phys/Spell resist.


Next is situational:

  1. Usually this is where i'll build Nitrogen at this point for INT, HP and slow on SHM and rake procs (and more power behind the rakes, eats AGI heroes).
  2. IF I am fed, or if my team has a pretty good lead, I sometimes sneak in an Ihan to build the INT and HP Stacks, then build the Nitrogen afterwards (might have to sell LT for inventory space).
  3. If there is a lot of spell dmg or bursters, I sometimes rush Lifetech Nano before I build nitrogen (Sell LT for space if needed).

From here I work on whatever item I skipped that I mentioned above (Nitrogen/Lifetech),Selling Ihan around the 10min mark when I am ready to buy the next item (If I even bothered with it, truthfully it sometimes isnt worth it, this build makes you pretty beefy as-is in my opinion).


Towards end game I sell the Durans for a Gravity, then if we havent won already I will sell Atom Smasher for a Star's Fury and turn LR into Cerebro at somepoint, All while chowing on pots - prioritizing STR for the spell resist. If the game is really dragging out I'll sell the SHM for a more situational item if needed (Sword breaker/Taser, Organic, chilling, whatever).


Again this is how I personally use him, and I have good results. As always build what you want or need for the match. Incorporating lightning rod into your build early I think will provide you with better results next time as it will give you a bump in the attack speed.


Good Luck!

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Tassadar is just overpowered in general, even with the clone nerf....just one of those heroes you have to team up on, otherwise he will chew through just about any other hero except another one as op as he is (which I consider to be Leo). The build Kbizzle outlined is just about what I go; basically, you want to build tanky intelligence with some weapon speed mixed in, as the majority of your damage is in the Energy Rake. The only other factor you really have to consider is: will your clone proc the effects of the items you bought? That is why Superheated Mantle, Atom Smasher, Star's Fury, Cerebros, etc. are all good on Tassadar, because his clone procs those effects too. Now since Kbizzle in my opinion already gave you a good item build, here is a general play style guide:

Tassadar's abilities can be used by both himself and his clone; use this to your advantage.

Skills: Max Energy Rake, get Swap whenever you can. Now I personally like to get 1 point in W for the utility, and then max the E, as it is just way too good on Tassadar. Shields, plus weapon speed, AND movement speed? YES PLEASE.

Play Style:

Tassadar, unlike most auto attack dps heroes, does not really rely on stun knife. Your main targets, like most dps, are other dps and intelligence heroes. Due to your E, you should have around 4+ movement speed or something very close, which will easily allow you to chase down heroes and use your slapping Energy Rake to erase them from existence. Like any hero you gank with, go at them from the back or side. When you gey Atom Smasher, NItrogen Retrofit, etc. this will be even easier thanks to the slow. Now as for using the skills:

Energy Rake is auto-proced, so don't worry about it.

The W is great during laning phase, not so much elsewhere. OR IS IT. Notice that W SLOWS THE TARGET. Although it will take some hotkeys and micro, either you or your clone cast the W on your target while the other slaps the guy silly.

Swap: This skill has a casting time and somewhat short range, which IMO makes it balanced, since it has such great utility. Obviously it swaps the caster and the target, so ideally you want your clone to use it. Use it to initiate against enemies, catch enemies, and save allies; however, the greatest part of this skill IMO is that when you Swap with your clone, you exchange health. So you are getting burned down? Swap with your clone and suddenly you can slap and swipe that Shadow with your pretty looking full health.

The Clone: Abuse this guy. If I am correct, the towers treat the clone like a hero; in other words, if the clone and creeps are in range, the creeps are prioritized (as long as the clone isn't attacking a hero of course). If you have a enemy with low health tower hugging, just run your clone in and kill him. Much fun.

Now for hotkeys: Tassadar generally is played with no active items, so use those empty hotkeys for something useful: hotkey your clone and hero separately, so that you can easily call upon their abilities quickly.

Summary: Tassadar, built correctly, is a monster of a hero, dealing massive aoe spell damage and quite hard to kill. Even by building the right items and just attack moving you can do well in pubs. However, his real strength that differentiates the pros from the nubs (like me frankly) is how well you can use the tactics listed above, and then some.

Off Topic: I miss the old Tassadar whose auto-attack created mass clones :(

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Most of the builds posted seem like loose copies of the build i came up with and have posted a few times here.


if im ahead early in the lane phase this is how i build tass and i normally do extremely well in inhouses.


1. lost treasure

2. machete

3. lighting rod

4. ocelots revolver

5. turn ocelots into atom smasher

6. super heated mantle

7. nitrogen

8. sell treasure build gravity edge

9. sell machete for life tech

10. finish cebero from lighting rod

11. sell atom smasher and buy stars fury.



this gives you a crap ton of damage and makes you tanky as hell


But as every game has different variables you have to build reactive. this is just a loose guide.


I also wana note i have been skipping wealth and going a dif talent build


2/2/2 now


So i get wep dmg , speed, health, armor, movespeed, flat mana


Lost treasure was nerfed its not as great of a lane sustain item any more buy it or don't, shouldn't make much of a difference but i start with Hunters hatchet and the quantum spade. the 10 wep dmg item. and a health pot


then on my first port back i buy machete, and the quantum spade builds into ocelots. Just sell the hatchet when eve


I hope you max q then e "move and wep speed". Honestly sometimes i dont even put a point in W the slow to atom smasher is normally enough to secure a kill.

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Wow Quidditch's is spot on compared to what I do. I used to get ocelots and leave it as-is, changing it into star's after I got few INT items (skipping atom smasher all together). I squeezed it in there once mid game and have never even thought about skipping it ever again. I found the dmg and the slow proc from atom's to be simply amazing. I absolutely love it.


My talent build is 1/2/3 wpn speed, armor, spell resist, cool down, move speed, wealth. I'm a sucker for wealth because I like starting with gp10(LT) asap. I skip the health buff because the clone doesn't get it, so the HP difference early game makes my true unit stand out from the clone making it easier to know which is which, if the enemy is remotely competent. This is also why I always go Duran's immediately as a 2nd item for both the slight weapon speed and the extra HP for cheap. Even with LT being nerfed I still find its nice to have early because the regen helps out tremendously (can just hang back and play defensively for a wave if needed and regen a nice chunk of your health back). Again this is all my personal build/opinion, not debating on what is better than the other.


I have tried sometimes sacrificing the spell resist talent for the overlord talent to make the clone a bit more sustainable. Although I haven't used it extensively, of the few times I used it I didn't notice it to make much of a difference. Would love to know, or hear of, anyone with other opinions on it.

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For the talents i prefer 3/2/1 : WD, WS, Veteran, SR, Armor, MS because i rarely have meet mana problems.


For the skills I suggest to level W for last. It was a great skill time ago but now is extremely situational and generally is better for Tassadar attack the enemy than slow him right now.


I have tried sometimes sacrificing the spell resist talent for the overlord talent to make the clone a bit more sustainable. Although I haven't used it extensively, of the few times I used it I didn't notice it to make much of a difference. Would love to know, or hear of, anyone with other opinions on it.


Wait the clone is influenced by Overlord O.o?!

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What do you think guys could it woth to sacrifice the survivability of atomsmasher for the increased damage provided by stars fury?

It could be if your team can be relied on to lockdown the enemy, but I would take the slow from atom smasher over the damage from stars fury 90% of the time.
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What do you think guys could it woth to sacrifice the survivability of atomsmasher for the increased damage provided by stars fury?


I've had fantastic results with it, however I get it extremely late game as noted above. Moo is right though the slow from atom is so useful it almost makes you think twice about ditching it (pending team composition).

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