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Hey guys =)


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Sup ladies and gents!


Don't know if anyone from the olden days is still alive o.o Decided to revisit AoS again! [After it got changed so many times ._. Remember it as the original SotiS]

I play on SEA server. And I'm from the Aussie land of Australia. I guess I also play on NA sometimes, but the lag kills me!

Well anyways, yeh, hey guys! [And to those that still remember me as the noob D= Gimme a shout out so I know that you're all still alive..ish]


IH - Can't remember D=

Pro/Noob - Noob D=

Fav Hero/Items - TBH, I haven't really played a lot of it since like 1/2 years ago.. Too many changes D=


Cheezels [Cheese!]



Edit: Why u all move to NA D= Why SEA server so dead ah. And ty ty =p It's good to be back.. Ish

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