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Unique Item Question


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I've been playing since 3.0 but took a year or so off before getting back into it recently. My my a lot of changes.


I have a few questions.


I'm wondering if unique items that have the same passive name but a different number stack.

For example:

BHM Powerstrike - 2 and

Atom Smasher Powerstrike - 3.



Is BHM considered good on Nova?


Is there a command to select all of Garamonds' SCVS?

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Uniques with the same name do not stack. The unique with the highest number will be applied.


BHM I wouldn't consider good on nova. Generally you don't want to sprint in, you could use q to proc it, R isn't used too often because you should keep your distance from your target. None of them have too low of CDs and she has no other skills that scale with weapon damage.


I don't play Garamond enough to know, I'm sorry.

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Good to know.


2 selects the turrets. Doesn't select the SCVs though.


Ah, I just spent some time in single player, it looks like the easiest way is to just cast from range so the scvs go straight out from you. Takes a few more clicks, but that's not always a bad thing.

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