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Hey you guys!!


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Hey everyone! My name is DjHilby, lots of people call me Dj Hillbilly because they have dyslexia lol but I don't mind, I've been playing lots of Aeon because I'm kinda in a clan

that plays all kinds of arcade games and Aeon of Storms really stuck with me because its competitive and actually takes time to understand how to play. My favorite characters are cow, grunty although

I suck at grunty, and rory. Just thought I'd state my presence on the forums and meet some knew people.

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Hi, I think I have seen you in some pubs. :)


I think I have too :) pretty much all I do is pubs lol.


Hello, your sig reminds me of UEFA Europa league. (Ball on the left)


Looked it up and i had to check twice lol does resemble alot !


Hey DJ. I've seen you around for a long time. Welcome!


And yup I've seen you alot too! Ive had some fun games against you, thanks!

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