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feeder in public games


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Get a group going. Problem solved.


Do people get killed off if they are bad at real life? Do people get banned from school if they get a C in class in non-Asia countries? Nope.


I don't know why people say premade is bad. Premade is good. It grows the community by linking each and every individual together.


It helps promote a casual setting pub house neutrally in the public game without anyone setting one up.


I like when two Mumble teams accidentally met in public games. Those will often become a good game.


Without a match-making system, it is the only thing you, casual players, can do beside joining us on organized Mumble In House.

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I leave pub games more than you'd image. I am not ashamed of that.


I leave when an In House is getting set up.


I leave when my lunch is ready.


I leave when my friends call to hang out.


I leave when I need to take a huge dump.


I leave when my cat caught on fire again.


I leave when my team has no hope of winning. I also make sure I drop everything I have and destroy them before I leave so my reminding team will not win the game by leaver bonus and the money I made. (This is the only solution since our developers do NOT believe in team-play)


I play pub games for fun and I play In House for competitive setting.


If I happened to stumble upon a good pub game, I am happy. If I happened to be matched with monkey teammates, I laugh it away and get a new game going right away.


None of us make a living by playing AoS. I play game for fun and for myself. Nothing else.

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