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Stepping down and moving away from competitive games.


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Good afternoon. (or Yoooooooooo)


So, Here it comes. My time to relax! (For those of you who dont know me or for the sakes of not caring just look some other way. And dear mods, dont lock this shap. if its

in wrong subforum move it.)


My reason for stepping down, as some may already know, is my overload on amount of work hours per week. This combined with everything else leaves very little time, and even though this is the only thing i do to plug out from work, i fear i will get less time than i want for this. So many times ive had great games with you guys, but on the cost of so much the day after=( Even though i am Zombieee, i guess even some zombies need sleep:D


About my role in the Clan.

Its time for me to step down from captain in Darks team and pass the role to some of the other great guys who is in the clan. I want to step out of the competitive

side of AOS due to timeissues. I would like to use this oppurtunity to thank everyone in Dark clan for all the fun, and rage we had together:D I hope i wasnt to much of

a pain to have there:D I am happy to leave the competitive scene with Darks comming 2nd last tournament, and now ranking Nr1 in AOS League. I wish you guys good luck in the AOS League and any future tournament you guys will be in!



I may be one of the very few players who are still here since the start of this game. And i will still be here in the shadows as i have always been:D I wish to thank all the other

people for the fun weve had in this game. Its been a long time, at the same time as this beeing the only computer game i have played the last years. I hope everyone can keep this small, but very nice community together. And keep it alive for the time to come:D I am really happy AOS League happened, this is great for the community. You will still find me around, but this time it is more chilling and relaxing than ever before:D


No one mentioned, no one forgotten. But i remember you all!




Zomb out:D

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