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http://us.battle.net...nal-12-3-2013 for more info go to this page...



Extension Mods

We're very excited to introduce Extension Mods to map developers and players alike in the PTR. Extension mods will help streamline the mod creation process for map developers and allow players to more easily find and play their favorite mods.

  • As a map developer, you'll no longer need to recreate the parameters of your mods every time you want to see how they'll play out on a new map. You can create Extension Mods using the StarCraft II Editor and publish them to Battle.net to allow players to apply them to any map in the Custom Games list.
  • As a player, you may be excited to know that hunting around the Custom Games menus trying to find which maps have been published with your favorite mod already applied is a thing of the past. Now, you can head to the Custom Games list, choose any map your heart desires, click the "Create with Extension Mod" button, and select a mod from the dropdown list to start enjoying the freedom to play whatever you please.

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AoS is basically a MOD for sc2, much like all other arcade games

this feature basically allows you to use any MOD and apply it to any map, AoS would probably fail really hard as im sure it would rely on most of the structures found in the current map


What's a MOD ? Like Gary's Mod ?

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