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Seed, why didn't you working ?....


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You use a skill like cyprus ulti to kill someone and have seed.

Assuming you only have a seed and not other cdr the following happens.

The ulti cooldown starts lets say 60 seconds.

For the first 5 seconds you have 100% cdr.

So the first 5 seconds will count as 10 seconds

So with seed you will be ready to ulti once more after 55 seconds instead of 60.

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I'm pretty confident that flash and blink, which was part of the first talents, was in 4,x as I played lots on NA with the 4.x generation of players before they switched games to LOL.


As for Ihan I'm fairly sure it's early 6,0 days, as I don't remember using it or hearing any complains about the items while playing 5,0.

Same day as 6.0 came I took a few months break, as I don't remember people complaining about the item I suspect that the item was around when I wasn't.


I could be wrong tho as I've randomly have went on and off the game a few months every now and then.

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You're missing the point

Double old Kerry ult, double Concussive + Stevie, and the old favorite double chronosphere


Ah, good ol' days...


Early Early 6.0 Items didnt share a cd, So this one guy would go 5x Ihan and a dps item. He would literally zera ult 5 times in a row. Needless to say this was changed not to long after.

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