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how old is ECKO?


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Actually I'm curious about the ages of a lot of people here and the average age of players.

Go make a a proper topic, the introduction sticky example is lame and majority of the introductions are either a hi from an old member, or some new guy who actually read the sticky and followed it. Which pretty much means the introduction section sucks big time.

"- Favorite item

- Computer specifications

- Favorite food"


Good read^

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He must he between 25-35 but idk why doesn't he come ECKO reveals. His real age...?



Btw residente I been looking for u on sc2 (NA) to play some games.

Good luck with that... you're more likely to get a game with me

Gl finding resi online on NA...


GJ finging resi anywhere.


I'm kinda busy so I can't play AoS (atm). Final exams + duties as English-Spanish translator and as forum moderator in Star Conflict + Star Conflict + Warframe + AION + real life (do I even have that?)...


I'll try to play this xmas tho.

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