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3 item synergy

Superheated mantle + Ancient Rune + Nitrogen Retrofit


we know that SHM procs decay. my question is, does the decay proc the slow of Nitrogen Retrofit?




3 item synergy

Nitrogen Retrofit + Ancient Rune + Shadowmourne


does the shadow of shadow mourne proc ancient rune? and second question if the shadow does proc ancient rune, AND IF YOU HAVE PYRE or sliptide or stun knife or timesplitter or explosive retrofit (attack which does spell damage per AA) DOES THE TARGET GET DECAY debuff stacked twice or just one stack (if ever it stacks)




3 item synergy

barbed plating + Ancient Rune + Gravity Edge


we know the reflect procs gravity edge, my question is if this reflect procs ancient rune and IF ANCIENT RUNE's decay provides TRUE DAMAGE PER SEC.

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