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[Chuck.TBone v1.150] Bursting pubs with toilets


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After reading a guide how to play cow about 1 month ago, i played and learned him. Reading that guide again i thought there is so much more to say about him, thats why ive decided to write my first post here.... (dont be too hard to me if some things are wrong, i have almost no IH experience)

Chuck is a tanky burst caster that can take take out groups of enemies with a well placed combo. If played well he offers great mobility, cc and instant damage to your team. While he can support any hero at any time due to his global ultimate, offering burst damage and healing at the same time he can still fullfill as 2nd role as tank or dps output.





Might (+15 weapon damage)

Fitness (+180 health)

Integrity (+6 armor)

Prodigy (+12% cooldown reduction)

Swiftness (+6% movement speed)

Wealth (+200 starting minerals)


It is also possible to take Youth (+200 maximum energy) instead of Integrity (+6 armor)/Prodigy (+12% cooldown reduction) but i rather like to take the +14% physical resist instead of 200 energy, because i usually have enough mana thanks to ultimate/ihan/pots.



Skill build:

There are different possibilities how cows skills can be played but most of the time you should go Q->W->Q->E and max Q followed by E, that way you have a good anti push potential and you can take fights with creeps around/ farm better (compared to max W before E).

It is also possible to skill W and E earlier, the idea behind this is to farm better because of the lower cooldown/manacost. But in that case u would not have a good damage output vs other heroes.


Item build:

Start with lost treasure and farm your way up to power stone into ihan, then work on your final item list. You can either get flare gun as your next time, what will add some burst damage or go straight for gravity. I dont have good experience with rushing sunflare because it is kinda weak that early game and only helps vs one opponent, i would rather go gravity first. Nitrogen gives some more health but its unique doesnt help that much because of his burst style.Far more important is Yamato in my opinion since it give him +25% spell damage/8 seconds, what really fits his burst style If u need to be more tanky u should consider buying carapace that will also add some weapon damage.


Final item list:







[+ Ihan stacks]



Q: a good damage source with cc, fully charged you create a V-wall.

W: allows you to get clips for low mana/low cooldown, its also your source of mobility (with 2 clips).

E: more damage while fighting creeps/ enemies near creeps/group of enemies.

R: global ultimate allows to do much burst damage in a medium area, also enables to support teammates with its regenration


Early game:

His main abilities early is his wall/ V-wall in order to do spell damage and trap enemies. As always try to last hit as best as u can.... and another important aspect early is his "consume 1 Capacitive Clip charge" ability to do +125% weapon damage, which is quite a lot to harass other heroes or last hit creeps. That ability also allows to play him very very strong early as dps hero.


Mid game:

Support your team and use offensive combos to do as much burst damage as u can. After u did one combo u should usuall pull back until your ultimate is ready again. As long as u didnt fail early game u should survive nearly everytime long enough to return to safety without dying. In teamfights you are usually behind the tank, ready to run in and use your abilities, after thats done there is not much you can do.

You can also try to flank the enemies in order to attack the squishy casters.


Late game:

Your combo is getting longer late game, because u have to use Items too, usually i always try to maintain 2 clips while being alone in order to be able to escape vs fast carrys.

While being in a team there isnt much difference to mid game.


General notes:

- its important to always know how many clips you have

- always try to use your ulti with 2 clips otherwise your cooldown is too long. (you should only use your ulti without ´2 clips when u have a safe kill/ u really need it)

- your ulti can kill opponents with low health anywhere on the map (so even if theyre "safe" near a tower).

- try to kill squishy opponents

-if you recall/respawn the first thing u should do is to use your ultimate if a teammate needs the health+mana regenration

-with 2clips u can use your ulti on creeps because the cooldown isnt that big

-usually i only use V-wall vs firebat camps or if i can trap one enemy

- in "dangerous" positions: always try to maintain 2 clips

-when the game starts you should use fill your clips and "consome clip"-charge in your base

-you can determine the degree between your two walls if u cast a V-wall, trough aiming near cow or further away



In a "safe" situation:

a) 0 clips: W in -> Q -> ulti -> heal/back off

b) 1 clip : " consume 1 Capacitive Clip charge" then a)

c) 1clip: Q ->ulti -> heal/back off

d) 2clips: W-> (charge into single squishy enemies) -> Q -> use clip/ulti(if have a safe kill)


If u are in a "dangerous" position (for example: players are mia/ss or/and u attack an enemy tower) -> always try to maintain 2 clips to be able to W out of danger)

e) (if u want to use Q) 2clips: " consume 1 Capacitive Clip charge" -> Q -> (in danger) W

f) (if u want to use ulti) 2clips: ulti -> q -> w (!still 9 seconds cooldown until u can use W again!)


2nd role:

As mentionend cow can also be played with a 2 role: either more tanky or with more dps.


If your team needs you to be more tanky get carapace earlier, its possible to follow that up with DST/whats needed.


When u want to play with a higher dps, u should start with a soul engine and Veteran (+1,5 levels)+Fury (+15% weapon speed)and at least 2 pots, the "consume one clip" ability allows you to last hit very very easy, and allows u to have a huge damage output early game compared to other heroes.

I dont have much experience what to do next but i would recommend Energy Saber and Cerebro.




(pub,was trying some different things and was pretty easy but still at least an impression how to play tbone)




Hope u enjoy your stay, would like to have some feedback.

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ouh did i post it 2 time? o.O no idea how its there 2 times. other one was incomplete, no idea how that happened


I always use Dial on Cow, positioning > anything else.


yea positiong is very important, but i feel like cow has enough mobility cause of his W, at least in most games.

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