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Aeon of Storms In-house League (OP constantly updated!)


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Aeon of Storms In-house League Season 5





Ladder Format and Rankings




This League will be run on the most simplistic of'Ladder' concepts. The basis of competition is a long term ongoing season where teams are pitted against each other in order to be gain rank within the ladder. Teams will be ranked from 1 to n (n = # of teams in the ladder)


Teams will play games minimum of once per week. versus either the team ranked directly above or below them. Games will be played on an alternating basis (1 week you play the team above you, the next week you play the team below you)


If you beat the team ranked above you, you will move advance up one spot in the ladder (Taking the position of the team you just beat)

If you beat the team ranked below you, there will be no change and you will retain your respective ladder spot



If you lose a game vs the team ranked above, there will be no change and you will retain your respective ladder spot

If you lose a game vs the team ranked below you, you will move down one spot in the ladder (Taking the position of the team that beat you)


*I reserve the right to slightly alter how ranks are determined in order to place NEW teams in the ranking system. Long story short, new teams will NOT necessarily be placed in last, because I feel the system works better not subjecting the lower teams to what would be "obvious stomps".*





Team Construction; Registration of Players; Clans with Multiple A, B, C teams



Team Costruction

Teams MUST consist of a minimum of 5 players, however we SUGGEST teams have 10+ players minimum in order to maximize the odds that 5 players will show up for your matches. Since this is an ongoing ladder, it is highly likely that all 10 players will have a chance to play due to the fact that you will always have some players that cannot show at certain times.


Any One player CANNOT be a part of more than one team. I.E. if you play for team "UFAM", you may not also play for "PCobra". (This stipulation does not apply to players from clans with multiple teams… see below)






Registration (**UPDATED!**)

Considering the number of registered teams vs "free sub" players. I have decided I no longer want substitutes to participate in the league. Anyone who is a Tier 1-3 player (You know who you are) MUST register for a team to play. Very novice players will allowed to be used as substitutes. The reason for this rule is to ensure "quality" players are not on different teams week to week and thus totally affecting the outcome of matches which they by definition, dont even care about. So From this point forward only REGISTERED players may play, unless they are clearly a novice substitute.




Team PCobra for example is a clan team. Every member of PCobra is eligible to play for PCobra. (Players may not switch clan tags to play for multiple teams). If PCobra wishes to enter a 2nd team then they would need to follow the rules listed below.


For Non-Clan teams, you do not NEED to register players with me in advance (except for the minimal 5 required to register a team). I will add members to your team as they are used.


Multiple teams from one clan must follow specific rules:


Team GIJoe for example has 3 teams in the league.


Team A has 7 registered players (Team A must have minimum 7 players if they have a Team B)

-This Team A can officially use ALL GIJoe members in their League games

-The number of 7 was chosen for attendance issues, since this league runs EVERY week, odds that 2/7 members will miss each week are high)


Team B has 7 registered players

-This Team B can use all GIJoe members EXCEPT the 7 players from Team A (They are considered too good to play for Team B)

-Most Teams may only have 2 teams (In this case their B team consists of every other member in their clan)


Team C in this case includes the rest of the GIJoe Clan.

-This Team C can use all GIJoe members EXCEPT the 14 players registered to Team A and B from the GIJoe team.


The purpose of having multiple teams to expand the levels of competition for other teams. If clans insist on splitting their stronger players into A and B teams to create 2 teams of equal quality, than those teams will not follow the above rules of "7 players", but rather be forced to act as independent teams. (No Clan A/B teams currently operate this way.) (The A team is always the stronger, and B team the weaker).



Current Exceptions: MaX -A team currently only has 6 members, and has never used another member in their A team games. If they begin to regularly use a member from their B team, they will be forced to move this player up to the A team.





Drafting Rules, Autobans and NA vs EU servers




The Default Game will be a DRAFT to determine Teams :


Only Captains will make the calls for picking and banning. Once each team's 5 heroes have been chosen, players can then choose which of those 5 heroes they wish to play. The ban and pick procedure is:


[Team 1] ; (Team 2)


1st Stage -> [bAN] -> (BAN) -> [bAN] -> (BAN) -> [bAN] -> (BAN) {1-1-1-1-1-1}

2nd Stage -> [PICK] -> (PICK) -> (PICK) -> [PICK] -> [PICK] -> (PICK) {1-2-2-1}

3rd Stage -> [bAN] -> (BAN) -> [PICK] -> (PICK) -> [PICK] -> (PICK) {1-1; 1-1-1-1}

*Picks are unique.


We think this draft system feels more fair and competitive if you learn what Heroes your opponents plan to play. This also allows you to counter-pick and develop necessary synergy.


Additional Modes:


If BOTH team captains agree you may institute:


1) Autobans (Banning heroes BEFORE the draft begins)

2) A 3G Ban Game instead of a Draft (just stage 1 above, followed by free picking of heroes (does not have to be unique))


Remember if both teams do not agree to these rules, the default rules of draft mode with no autobans will be played.


NA vs EU:


If Teams are located primarily on different servers, matches between two specific teams will be split to be played on NA server / EU server.

For these matches I suggest a BO3 game set. One game on NA, one game on EU, third game RPS for server. The team on the visiting server should have first pick. If you don't have time for a 3 game (Best of 3) then RPS for server for the 1 game.


Example: GIJoe (NA) faces mMoRi (EU).

1) RPS is performed to determine which server the match will be played on.

2) GIJoe wins, Match is played on NA.

3) mMoRi can have first pick due to being on the less preferred server

4) The next time (maybe weeks later) mMoRi faces GIJoe, no RPS is required; Match will be played on EU with GIJoe having first pick.

5) The next match will be on NA etc etc.




Disconnection, Team Substitutions and Forfeit Rules




What to do if a player Disconnects?

If a player disconnects in the first 5 minutes of the game - that game will be restarted.

If a player disconnects after the first 5 minutes of the game, please wait 2 minutes for them to reconnect. If they do not reconnect, continue playing the game after the player is dropped. In this case a leaver bonus in the game occurs for the team with 4 players. The team of 5 may consider purposely having one of their players leave to even out this bonus. This should be stated, and can only be done after a player legitimately drops. Purposely dropping players to obtain a leaver bonus (when the other team has not already had a player disconnect) will be considered cheating, and result in removal of that team from the league or an arbitrary reduction in rank as punishment


What if your team screws up and picks a "banned" hero?

This "mistake" will only be allowed once. The draft will NOT be redone, the game will be remade with the original draft, players will then select the correct heroes. If a team makes this mistake 2 times, they will forfeit the match.


What if the other team does not show at the requested time?

There will be 15 minute grace period before a forfeit is counted. I.E. A game scheduled at 5pm, by 5:15 a no-show will result in a forfeit.


To Further Clarify these rules, I have made the following additions:

You MUST have 3 members of your team present by 5:15 pm. At this point an additional 5 minutes will be granted to find acceptable substitutes for the game.


If you have less than 3 clan members / team members, forfeit will be automatic no matter if there are enough (non-team) subs present. (I.E. your team cannot be made of mostly subs).


Rules about Substitutes:


All members must be registered to play games for your clan. They must be listed in the registered players category to play. Generally no substitutes will be allowed anymore due to the nature of so many good substitute players available. A substitute can be used if they are clearly a NOVICE player. This means that pretty much everyone in the game should know that this substitute is likely not going to affect the outcome of the game. If you are a Tier 1-3 player, (you know who you are) then you need to be registered on a team.


What if one clan's A team faces its own B team?

This is best written using an example (M82 has an A and B team)


Supposedly M82 -A is composed of 7 players and the M82 -B team consists of the rest of the clan. For this match M82 -B would select 7 players which only play for the B team. The M82 A team thus has players ranked 1-7 and the M82 B team has players ranked 8-14. If either of these teams needs a sub. They can use players outside the top 14 from their clan, or other substitutes not on other teams in the league.


If the B team wins. Then the Clan leader is highly likely to approach me to reassign members between his A and B teams. In this situation the teams will be renamed such that the "A" team is higher. As this is highly unlikely, we will wait for this situation to occur, if ever :)


Unbooked Matches:

If a Match remains unbooked (no time is agreed upon); and the match is NOT played that week (Matches are announced Sunday Night or Monday; and need to be completed by Sunday night Midnight EST). Several outcomes are possible:


1) The Team Ranked higher will automatically win (basically match is cancelled, with no ranks exchanged)

2) The Team at fault for not agreeing to, or capable of agreeing to reasonable match times will forfeit.

3) The Match will carry over to the following week; and the team Below both teams, may be advanced PAST them both in the ranking scale.


Which outcome occurs will be completely up to Sphynx. (Mwahahahah, don't let me decide your fate!!)





Organizers and Moderators



[GlJoe]Sphynx; [Clique]Strider; [DarkS]GuZ






League Ladder Rankings for Season 6:















Matches for THIS week:
















To set up your match, Captains and/or Assistant Captains are required to meet, discuss and agree upon a time to play your match that week.

Once an Agreed upon Match time has been determined, this time will be reported to [GlJoe]Sphynx to become an official match. (You can do this online, or send Sphynx a private message on this message board) - The game will then be posted in AOS League Scheduled Matches Group Online.

Captains/Assistants are now responsible to inform their team of the game time, and to show up at that game time.


If the team is more than 15 Minutes late for their match, and cannot find ELIGABLE substitutes, they will forfeit the match.


((EST = UTC-5))(UTC=GMT)






Detailed Results:









Registered Teams (UPDATING!!)



Teams: (Will be updated as members are added)

(NIC) = Not In Clan






(Zombieee - Captain), GuZ - Assistant, Sylar, illu, Dare, Spooky, Shorty, Kael, Aiur, Zeeeend, Romaniac, John



(Strider Captain) Members: Griffin, Adamantium, Zeddicus, DutchOvenPro, NovaKC, Romethia



(Mika Captain) Members: Haven't been able to talk to Mika yet.. for now just assume all LWO members are part of his team



(Axtrimaitex Captain) Members: ProtossRush, Udaman, Tbauer, MiNiToast, Jeph, Elvin



(Anarchy Captain) Members:Zero,Rayek,Shambler,Doug



(blueskittles Captain) garnet (drex) lolita Roonaldo Taznkid Eliwan (ryuuk)


Team [JamoS] (EU)

(Alex Captain),Biertjuh, Drizzit, Junglist, Tonitight, Psyco TheHitcher Funkybeats Buckers



(MEGADEATH Captain), Michasik Unleashed Maxpayne Sampo



Captain: BaDaKor, Team Members: Apophis, RustInPieces, Dragoneye, EnraReyeg, Duke, Tyrael, DarkTerror



Celestial28 (Putin) (cpt), Celestial2 (RidZ) (assistent), Celestial9 (DoubleG), Celestial71(Fighter), Celestial5 (notoogien), Akhorahil, Celestial58 (Bullbizzarre), Celestial14(Zorro), Lexx, Pizza, Brylant TrafalgarLaw, HaLLeY, Celestial53 (SuSu)


4 newbs+submarime

(zeratul Captain) lame, maxwell, armadrake, yaldi, gghacker, marshall, revision.






Season 5 Results



Final Season 5 Rankings:


NA side:

1) GIJoe

2) AMG


4) LWO

5) Merlin


7) TUW


EU side:

1) REKT (EU side current champ of NA vs EU)

2) DarkS


4) Killco

5) Bnaps

6) LUDA -B

7) Slav3






Season 4 Results



Overall Champ: MaX from EU


NA Division:

1) GlJoe -A

2) Dan+8



5) GlJoe -B

6) lProl

7) GlJoe -C


9) lAOSl -B

10) HCF

11) BEEZ

12) Merlin

13) Acraze


EU Division:

1) MaX

2) DarKS


4) Skydie+4

5) Trollz

6) Max -B

7) Slav3

8) F33D3R -A


10) LUDA

11) F33D3R -B



Season 4 Matches:


Week 7:


Dan+8 beats AFKIH -A. (Marc Apache Revision Choi Destroyer) vs (Gute, Gatts, Xenonbones, Blueskittles, Pinkie)

GIJoe -B beats Food. Food Folding.

lProl beats GIJoe -C . 2-1

(Papanash, Silentblade, Neverwin, CHarizard, Lustaf) vs (Lysdexic, Imsorry, Firedrake, ColdBeer, Townsy)

(Lysdexic, Imsorry, Firedrake, ColdBeer, Townsy) vs (Papanash, Silentblade, Sixfinger, CHarizard, Lustaf)

(Papanash, Silentblade, Neverwin, CHarizard, Kashyfla) vs (Lysdexic, Imsorry, Firedrake, ColdBeer, Townsy)

BEEZ beats HCF. Forfeit.

Merlin beats Acraze. (Shenmeister, ZerranToss, Apex, Polaris, Whis) vs (Scorpion, Maverik, Eskimodavid, Jahn, Salazo)



MaX beats DarkS. (2-0).


Week 6:


GIJoe -A beats Dan+8. (Strider, Griffin, FMage, ImSorry, Strive) vs (Destroyer, Revision, Choi, Apache, Den)

AFKIH -A beats FOOD. Forfeit.

GIJoe -B beats lPROl. (Silentkill, ImSorry, Saboomafoo, Kane, Storm) vs (Novakc, Kashyfla, Ryuuk, Charizard, Lustaf)

lgunsl beats GIJoe -C. (Ates, Train, Cramcomplex, SCV, Trevor) vs (Lysdexic, Carta, McRoubs, Strive, WolF)

AFKIH -B beats HCF. (Moose, Scrubhouse, blueskittles, lucifer, Xenonbones) vs (Durrrr, Bique, Overkill, GoldenDragon, IGICthrefive)

BEEZ beats Acraze. (Sunix, Tyrant, Juner, Stone, Thrash) vs (Scorpion, Maverick, Salazo, Kaiser, PedoFeurte)



Darks beats IRATUS. (2-0)

Barstewards beats Trollz. (Skydie, Taxhaven, Gute, Zaid, PurePsycho) vs (Frankthetank, toxic, slaanesh, kosmos, notoogien)


Week 5:


MaX -A beats GIJoe -A. (2-0)

(Zeratul, Conductor, Maxwey, eeVee, Maxwell) vs (MrBackup, Adamantium, Griffin, ImSorry, Sphynx)

(eeVee, Barcode, Maxwey, Marshall, Maxwell) vs (Strider, MrBackup, Adamantium, Silentkill, Apache)

GIJoe -B beats GIJoe -C. (2-1)

(Lysdexic, WayTwoDrunk, PWNShow, Townsy, FireDrake) vs (Sphynx, SerialNumber, Silentkill, Saboomafoo, Carta)

(Sphynx, SerialNumber, Silentkill, Saboomafoo, Hotrocks) vs (Lysdexic, WayTwoDrunk, PWNShow, Townsy, FireDrake)

(Sphynx, Silentkill, Kane, Saboomafoo, Death) vs (Lysdexic, WayTwoDrunk, PWNShow, Strive, FireDrake)


(Ates, Drex, Train, Doug, Cramcomplex) vs (Scrubhouse, Moo, Blueskittles, Gatts, imorericei)

HCF beats SEA. Forfeit.



MaX -A beats GIJoe -A. (2-0)

(Zeratul, Conductor, Maxwey, eeVee, Maxwell) vs (MrBackup, Adamantium, Griffin, ImSorry, Sphynx)

(eeVee, Barcode, Maxwey, Marshall, Maxwell) vs (Strider, MrBackup, Adamantium, Silentkill, Apache)

MaX beats DarKS. (2-0)

(FatnoobRaf, Maxwey, Midnight, eeVee, Barcode) vs (Guz, Anaz, Spooky, Zeeeend, Kael)x2

IRATUS beats USSR - forfeit.

F33D3R -A beats DIGS. (Atlantis, Brylant, Grusalag (NIC), WhyKnot, Akhorahil) vs (Smiley, Dragoneye, Razer, Gompat, PoAoS Buckers)


Week 4:


GIJoe A beats SLP. Forfeit.

Dan+8 beats FOOD. (Choi, Pride, Revision, Commander, Marc) vs (Bambie, Dutch, Geneon, DoublePerkin, Nal)

AFKIH -A beats Exile. Exile Folded and Removed.

GIJoe B vs zT. Match Cancelled, zT Folds.

GIJoe C beats AFKIH -B.

(Lysdexic, Strive, PWNShow, Townsy, FireDrake) vs (imorericei, Rorshach, Juice, Mlgblazehash, AloeVera)

UFAM beats HCF

(Ates, Axtrimaitex, SCV, Train, Tyrant) vs (Durrrr, IGICThreFive, Greenxlemonz, Juggalo, HATE)

SEA vs BEEZ (Attempting to register Beez, BSL, M82, (anyone??)) - Unorganized.



Max -A beats IRATUS. (2-0)

(Maxwey, Maxwell, Barcode, Midknight, eeVee) vs (Invoker, Enra, Apophis, TheDestroyer, Sheldor) AND

(Maxwey, Fatnoobraf, Barcode, Midknight, eeVee) vs (Invoker, Enra, Apophis, TheDestroyer, Sheldor)

IUSSRI beats SUPER. Forfeit and Super folded.

Trollz beats Slav3. (2-0)

(Frankthetank, Toxic, ZeratulCH, Notoogien, love) vs (Xterm, Razel, Obinaldo, Grusalag, Turbolax) AND

(Frankthetank, Toxic, Roksok, Deathkiller, love) vs (Xterm, Obinaldo, Razel, Turbolax, ololol)

Max -B beats F33D3R -A. (2-1)

(Iljahi, Lexx, Steakman, Motspolo, Mad) vs (Atlantis, Brylant, Undertaker, Nazg, Deadpool) AND

(Atlantis, Brylant, Undertaker, Nazg, Deadpool) vs (Iljahi, Lexx, Steakman, Motspolo, Mad) AND

(Iljahi, Lexx, Steakman, Iva, Renovacia) vs (Atlantis, Brylant, Undertaker, Nazg, Deadpool)

PoAoS beats Luda. Forfeit.


Week 3:


GIJoe A beats Dan+8. (2-0)

(Strider, FMage, Griffin, Assasin, Sphynx) vs (DanTheMan, Destroyer, Marc, Dresden, Commander)

(Strider, FMage, Griffin, Assasin, Sphynx) vs (DanTheMan, Demiax, Marc, Dresden, Commander)

FOOD beats Exile. (2-0)

(Geneon, PaulAllen, DoublePerkin, Nataku, contact(NIC)) vs (Drex, Ares, Oxalate, Ryuuk, SourDiesel)

(Terminator, Geneon, PaulAllen, DoublePerkin, Nataku) vs (Drex, Ares, Wind, Ryuuk, SourDiesel)

AFKIH -A beats GIJoe -B. (2-1)

(Moose, Taxhaven, Gute, DutchOvenPro, imorericei) vs (SerialNumber, Hotrocks, ImSorry, Strive, SilentKill)

(SerialNumber, Hotrocks, ImSorry, Strive, SilentKill) vs (Moose, Taxhaven, Gute, DutchOvenPro, imorericei)

(Moose, Taxhaven, Pinkie, DutchOvenPro, imorericei) vs (SerialNumber, Hotrocks, Death, Strive, SilentKill)

lzTl beats AFKIH -B.

(Lustaf, Neverwin, Sixfinger, Hugz, Kevin) vs (Scrubhouse, Rorshach, Gatts, Visigoth, Kingofblades)

GIJoe -C beats UFAM. (Lysdexic, BraveDave, Townsy, FireDrake, Carta) vs (Ates, AceKiller, Mohsen, Train, YKW)



Darks beats Max. (2-0)

(Zeeeend, Spooky, Guz, Kael, Cumshot) vs (Maxwell, Barcode, FatnoobRaf, Midnight, Maxwey)x2

F33D3R -A beats PoAoS. (2-0)

(Nazg, Lustaf, Skydie, Novakc, lamatlantis) vs (Gompat, Dragoneye, damown, achilles, pizza)

(Nazg, Lustaf, undertaker, Novakc, lamatlantis) vs (Gompat, Dragoneye, damown, menes, pizza)

LuDa beats F33D3R -B

(Blitzouille, Turbolax, Prime, ZeratulCH, Deathkiller) vs (Psionic, NaimShanks, digitaldave, Vosegus, Igdrasil)


Week 2:


lAOSl beats GIJoe -A. (2-1)

(Strider, FMage, Griffin, MrBackup, Sphynx) vs (Revision, Smorgishborg, Phailer, Pinkie, Choi)

(Revision, Smorgishborg, Phailer, Pinkie, Choi) vs (Strider, FMage, Griffin, MrBackup, Sphynx)

(Revision, Smorgishborg, Phailer, Pinkie, Choi) vs (Strider, FMage, Griffin, Sphynx, Hotrocks)

Dan+8 beats Exile. (2-1)

(Drex, Ryuuk, SourDeisel, NivekGneh, Terminator (NIC)) vs (DanTheMan, Destroyer, Den, Marc, Freezie) AND

(DanTheMan, Destroyer, Choi, Marc, Freezie) vs (Drex, Ryuuk, SourDeisel, NivekGneh, Terminator (NIC)) AND

(DanTheMan, Destroyer, Choi, Marc, Freezie) vs (Ares, Ryuuk, SourDeisel, NivekGneh, Art)

FOOD beats GIJoe -B. (2-0)

(DoublePerkin, Geneon, PaulAllen, Terminator, Lustaf) vs (Sphynx, Saboomafoo, Silentkill, FireDrake, Osuevo) AND

(DoublePerkin, Geneon, PaulAllen, Terminator, DutchOvenPro) vs (Sphynx, Saboomafoo, Silentkill, Uulluan, Death)

lzTl beats UFAM. (Lustaf, Kevin, Kashyfla, Infinity, Atlantis) vs (Ates, Mohsen, Cramcomplex, Magician, TaxHaven)

GIJoe -C beats HCF. (Lysdexic, Hotrocks, Death, FireDrake, WayTwoDrunk) vs (Durrrr, Trevor, IGICThreFive, GoldenDragon, GrEEnXLeMoNz)



MaX beats Super. (2-0)

(Raf, Maxwey, Maxwell, eeVee, Barcode) vs (Diipa, SayMyName, Esti, Ronaldo, Kael)x2

IRATUS beats IUSSRI. (2-1)

(Sheldor, Invoker, Apophis, Enrayeg, TheDestroyer) vs (Praga, Ron, Vad, Marshall, Sloer) x3

F33D3R -A beats LuDa. (Atlantis, DeadPool, Brylant, Jaruj, AGONIST (NIC)) vs (Deathkiller, ZeratulCH, Prime, Grusalag, TheDalaiLama (NIC))

Trollz beats PoAoS. (FranktheTank, Roksok, Dante, Slaanesh, Toxic) vs (Marco, Buckers, Razor, TheUnseen, Achilles)

F33D3R -B beats OS+. (Schlitzer, Digitaldave, Guts, Wolfgan, Glokobux) vs (Steakman, George, Shadowdragon, Burnless, TheDaliLama)


Week 1:


SLP beats AOS. (2-0)

(Quidditch, Highdrater, DavidChan, Roonaldo, SpeedoGuy) vs (Ginosaji, Aeren, Revision, Choi, Gute)

(Quidditch, Highdrater, DavidChan, Roonaldo, SpeedoGuy) vs (Ginosaji, Aeren, Revision, Marc, Gute)

GIJoe -A beats Exile. (2-1).

(Strider, FMage, Griffin, MrBackup, Sphynx) vs (Drex, Taznkid, Ares, Ryuuk, Wind) AND

(Drex, Taznkid, Ares, Ryuuk, Wind) vs (Strider, FMage, Griffin, MrBackup, Death) AND

(Strider, FMage, Griffin, MrBackup, Saboomafoo) vs (Drex, Taznkid, Ares, Ryuuk, gnarT)

Dan+8 beats GIJoe -B. (2-0).

(DanTheMan, Choi, Marc, Demiax, Commander) vs (Sphynx, SerialNumber, SilentKill, WolF, BossHog)

(DanTheMan, Choi, Marc, Demiax, Den) vs (Sphynx, SerialNumber, SilentKill, WolF, BossHog)

FOOD beats lzTl. (2-0)

(Bambie, Terminator, Geneon, PaulAllen, Oxide) vs (HotGuyCalvin, NoVaKC, Lustaf, SixFinger, Manling) AND

(Bambie, Terminator, Geneon, PaulAllen, Oxide) vs (HotGuyCalvin, NoVaKC, Lustaf, SixFinger, Kashyfla)

UFAM beats HCF.

(Ates, Taxhaven, Mohsen, Cramcomplex, Kira) vs (Overkill, Durrrr, Surgical, Henz, Avenger)

GIJoe -C beats KKO. Forfeit.



DarKS beats MaX. (2-0)

(Zombieeee, Zeeeend, Anax, Kael, Spooky) vs (Maxwell, Maxwey, Barcode, Taxhaven, eeVee) AND

(Zombieeee, Zeeeend, Guz, Kael, Spooky) vs (FatnoobRaf, Maxwey, Barcode, Dyx, eeVee)

Super beats IUSSRI. (John, Diipadaapa, saymyname, taxhaven, nmecruizers) vs (Praga, Marshall, Vad, Sloer, ror)x2

IRATUS vs Ursist (Game Cancelled)

Slav3 beats PoAos. (2-0)

(Odin, Vidus, Elvangador, ololol, sweed) vs (Gompat, Achilles, Pizza, Buckers, Menes) AND

(Odin, ololol, CUMSHOT, Imperator, Obinaldo) vs (Gompat, Achilles, Menes, Buckers, Pizza)

F33D3R -A beats LuDa. (Nazg, FrankTheTank, DeadPool, Restart, Atlantis) vs (KillxBillz, Dragoneye, Deathkiller, ZeratulCH, VodkaLemon)

F33D3R -B beats OS+. (Brylant, JaruJ, Igdrasil, RatzExtrem, Atlantis) vs (George, JoO, Shuurty, ShadowDragon, Psionic)







Season 3 Results




Division A


SLP (5-0)

MaX -A (4-1)

DarKS (3-2)

Super (2-3)

mMoRi -A (1-4)

lAOSl -A (0-5) **** Team Folded, Auto Loss finish


Division B


IUSSRI (5-0)

EXlLE -A (3-2)

MaX -B (2-3)

GIJoe -A (2-3)

NFAM (2-3) **** Team Folded, Auto Loss last game

lAOSl -B (1-4) **** Team Folded, Auto Loss finish


Division C


IRATUS (6-1)

GIJoe -B (6-1)

EXlLE -B (5-2)

Ursist (4-3)

PoAoS (3-4)

mMoRi -B (3-4)

PlzRQ (1-6) **** Team Folded, Auto Loss finish

M82 (0-7) **** Team Folded, Auto Loss finish


Division D


Slav3 (7-0)

HCF (6-1)

UFAM Wings (5-2)

F33D3R (4-3)

GIJoe -C (3-4)

OS+ (2-5)

AODT (1-6) **** Team Folded, Auto Loss finish

EKX (0-7) **** Team Folded, Auto Loss finish


Same Results listed in Numerical Format (For Loading Screen update)


1) SLP

2) MaX -A

3) DarKS

4) Super

5) mMoRi -A

6) lAOSl -A


8) EXlLE -A

9) MaX -B

10) GlJoe -A

11) NFAM

12) lAOSl -B


14) GlJoe -B

15) EXlLE -B

16) Ursist

17) mMoRi -B

18) PoAoS

19) PlzRQ

20) M82

21) Slav3

22) HCF

23) UFAM

24) F33D3R

25) GlJoe -C

26) OS+

27) AODT

28) EKX




Season 3 Divisional Matches: (Each Team will play each other team 1 time)


Division A

MaX -A beats Super. (2-1)

DarKS beats AOS -A. (2-1)

SLP beats mMoRi -A. (2-0) (Highdrater, Quidditch, Marc, SpeedoGuy, Savior) vs (Rango, PurePsycho, Francuz, MutaGetSu, Rabbit)x2

SLP beats MaX -A. (2-0)

(Quidditch, Highdrator, Savior, SpeedoGuy, Marc) vs (eeVee, Paradox, Zeratul, Maxwey, Raphael) AND

(Quidditch, Highdrator, Savior, SpeedoGuy, Marc) vs (Barcode, eeVee, Maxwey, Maxwell, DeltaForceS)

Super beats mMoRi -A. (Soedenone, Corsa, SayMyName, FanAfPaten, QweQweQQWEWE) vs (Rango, Muta, Choi, TexasRaider, MutaGetsu)

MaX -A beats mMoRi -A. (2-0) (Maxwey, Maxwell, FatNoobRaf, eeVee, Barcode) vs (Mutagetsu, Muta, Rango, Purepsycho, Dare)x2

SLP beats Super. (1-0) (Quidditch, Highdrater, Ruok, Speedoguy, Savior) vs (Soed, WhaleTits, African, Dippa, Cruiser)

Darks beats Super. (Zombieee, Kael, Spooky, Zeeeend, illu) vs (John, QweQwe, Soed, African, SayMyName)

Darks beats mmori -A. (Zeeend, Zombieee, Kael, Illu, Spooky) vs (Rango, Muta, Mutagetsu, Psycho, Francuz)

SLP beats Darks. (2-1)

(Quidditch, Marc, Savior, Speedoguy, Highdrater) vs (Zombie, Zeeeend, Spooky, Illu, John) AND

(Zombie, Zeeeend, Spooky, Illu, John) vs (Quidditch, Marc, Savior, Speedoguy, Highdrater) AND

(Quidditch, Marc, Savior, Speedoguy, Highdrater) vs (Zombie, Zeeeend, Spooky, Illu, John)

MaX beats DarKS. Forfeit.


Division B

IUSSRI beats Exile -A. (2-0) (Praga, Sloer, Vad, Conductor, ГоловачЛена) vs (ImSorry, Zeddicus, Henry, Ares, NamNguyen)(on EU)

AND (Praga, Vad, Conductor, HighVoltage, ГоловачЛена) vs (Drex, Zeddicus, Henry, Ares, NamNguyen)(on NA)

AOS -B beats MaX -B. (1-0) (Revision, Herman, Tomtom, Ruck, DutchOvenPro) vs (Iljahi, Racot(orange), Asd, UrButtHurt, HateUSA)(on NA)

NFAM beats GIJoe -A. (IamFreedom, Frostbite, Gute, WukeWuke, Cmart) vs (Strider, Griffin, Osuevo, SerialNumber, WolF)

Exile -A beats NFAM. (Drex, Ryuuk, Wind, Ares, Henry) vs (Frostbite, Moose, Gute, Wukewuke, Leeeerocks)

GIJoe -A beats AOS -B. (Strider, FMage, Griffin, Osuevo, Artemis) vs (DutchOvenPro, Oxide, Donatu, PureCheese, KdawgKilla (NIC))

IUSSRI beats MaX -B. (Praga, Conductor, SCIIFanat, Vad, Sloer) vs (Iljahi, Racot, Shtirlec, Twitti, Maxwey)

MaX -B beats GIJoe -A. (2-1) Forfeit win first game GIJoe AND

(Iljahi, Bowman, Racot, Damage, Lexx) vs (Griffin, Fmage, Blue, Sphynx, MrBackup) And

(Asd, Bowman, Racot, Damage, Lexx) vs (Griffin, Fmage, Blue, Sphynx, MrBackup)

IUSSRI beats NFAM. Forfeit.

GIJoe -A beats Exile -A. (Strider, FMage, Griffin, Osuevo, Silentkill) vs (Elvin, Ares, LeeroyJenkin, Sephon, Ryuuk) AND

(Strider, FMage, Griffin, Osuevo, Silentkill) vs (Drex, Ares, LeeroyJenkin, Sephon, Ryuuk)

NFAM *** team folded for this season, reorganizing.

USSR beats GIJoe -A. (2-1)

(Praga, Detoxian, Conductor, Cuguot, Vad) vs (Strider, Griffin, Fmage, Sphynx, ImSorry) AND

(Strider, FMage, Sphynx, ImSorry, DutchOven) vs (Prage, Detoxian, Vad, Marshall, ГоловачЛена) AND

(Praga, Marshall, Vad, Sloer, Detoxian) vs (Srider, FMage, Silentkill, Sphynx, DutchOvenPro)

Exile -A beats MaX -B. (2-1)

(Drex, Ryuuk, LeeroyJenkin, Ares, Taznkid) vs (Iljahi, Bowman, Imba, Damage, Racot)

(Iljahi, Bowman, Imba, Renovacia, Racot) vs (Drex, Ryuuk, LeeroyJenkin, Ares, Taznkid)

(Drex, Ryuuk, LeeroyJenkin, Ares, Taznkid) vs (Iljahi, Bowman, Imba, Renovacia, Racot)


Division C


IRATUS beats Exile -B. (Invoker, Dare, TheDestroyer, BossMamba, Sheldor) vs (Henry, Harryhoot, Cleric, ImSorry, Taznkid) AND

(Tyrael, TheDestroyer, BossMamba, Sportsmann, Dare) vs (Tazn, Henry, Hoot, Cleric, ImSorry)

Ursist beats PlzRQ. (notoogien, llllll, olive, atomheartman, Tonitight) vs (ColdBeer, McRoubs, TheJuice, Kane, Bulbasaur)

PoAos beats mMoRi -B. (Gompat, Collector, Buckers, Chay, Bennson) vs (Rango, Hush, Nafel, Sweed, Challenger) AND

(Nafel, Terror, Rango, Challenger, Stroisnab) vs (Chay, RaynorD, Buckers, Collector, Bennson) AND

(Gompat, Collector, Buckers, Chay, Damown) vs (Muta, Nafel, Stroisnab, Challenger, Terror)

Ursist beats PoAoS. (Switzzerland, Notoogien, Atomheartman, Funkybeats, LondonPride) vs (Gompat, Buckers, Razer, wis, Roman)

Exile -B beats PlzRQ. (Cleric, Henry, Nivekgneh, Sephon, ImSorry) vs (Hotrocks, Daeta, ColdBeer, TheJuice, Fallout)

Ursist beats IRATUS. (Switzzerland, Atomheartman, LondonPride, Funkybeats, Plugs) vs (Invoker, Enrareyeg, KingMamba, Apophis, Sheldor)

GIJoe -B beats M82. Forfeit.

GIJoe -B beats mMoRi -B. (2-0) (Uulluan, Sphynx, imsorry, Lysdexic, Saboomafoo) vs (Luckiest, Apollo, Hush, Challenger, Feelfree)x2

M82 (0-7) **** Team Folded, Auto Loss finish

Exile -B vs Ursist. (2-1).

(Ryuuk, Arty, Kashyfla, taznkid, Phantom) vs (Notoogien, Barcode, Olive, Nafel, Tonitight)

(Notoogien, Olive, Switzzerland, Nafel, LondonPride) vs (Henry, Ryuuk, Taznkid, Abskeeer, Phantom)

(Ryuuk, Taznkid, Art, LeeroyJenkin, Skeetz) vs (Barcode, MyNameisLuke, Olive, Notoogien, Nafel)

IRATUS beats GIJoe B. (Enrareyeg, Invoker, BungaBunga, Sportsman, Dyx) vs (Sphynx, SerialNumber, Wolf, MrBackup, TakticRogue)

AND (Enrareyeg, Invoker, BungaBunga, Sportsman, Dyx) vs (Sphynx, SerialNumber, Wolf, LysDexic, Kane)

mMoRi -B beats Ursist. Forfeit

Exile -B beats PoAoS.

(Tazn, Ares, Henry, Oxalate, Bushido) vs (Gompat, Inkognito, Collector +2)AND

(Tazn, Art, Henry, Oxalate, Bushido) vs (Gompat, Redbeat, Inkognito, ProfKahan, Achilles)

GIJoe -B beats PlzRQ. (Sphynx, Serialnumber, Adamantium, Wolf, ImSorry) vs (McRoubs, TheJuice, Zero, Fallout, Harryhoot)

IRATUS beats PoAoS. Forfeit

PlzRQ (1-6) **** Team Folded, Auto Loss finish

GIJoe -B beats Exile -B. (Sphynx, MrBackup, Uulluan, WolF, Saboomafoo) vs (Taznkid, Ares, SAKU, fetext, Art)

GIJoe -B beats PoAoS. (2-0) (Sphynx, Ryuuk, ImSorry, FireDrake, Lysdexic) vs (Gompat, Leo, Achilles, Pizza, Gautman) AND

(Sphynx, Ryuuk, ImSorry, FireDrake, Lysdexic) vs (Gompat, ProfKahan, Razer, Buckers, Achilles)

GIJoe -B beats Ursist. (MrBackup, SerialNumber, Uulluan, Ryuuk, Hotrocks) vs (Romaniac, Notoogien, KillxBillz, Skydie, Atomheartman)

IRATUS beats mMoRi -B. Forfeit.

Exile -B beats mMoRi -B. Forfeit. (Autoset by Sphynx)


Division D

F33D3R beats OS+. (Atlantis, Nazg, Infinity, Slaanesh, Putin) vs (Gamaran, George, Steakman, Psionic, Mystogan)

AODT beats EKX. Forfeit.

GIJoe -C beats OS+. (Hyly, Lysdexic, PWNShow, Townsy, TakticRogue) vs (George, Steakman, Psionic, Smu, ShadowDragon) (On NA)

F33D3R beats AODT. (Atlantis, Nazg, Restart, Infinity, Slaanesh) vs (llllllll, Roksok, Ahahahah, Pollux, Elvagador)

UFAM Wings beats GIJoe -C. (Ates, Mohsen, Cramcomplex, Magician, Odicks) vs (Hyly, Lysdexic, TakticRogue, PWNShow, FireDrake)

F33D3R beats GIJoe -C. (Atlantis, IIIIIIII (Deathkiller), EasyGun, Nazg, Slaanesh) vs (Hyly, Imsorry, Lysdexic, Townsy, PWNshow)

Slav3 beats HCF. (Odin, Imperator, Killabee, Alex, Xterm) vs (Overkill, Durrrr, Dux, Avenger, Surgical)

EKX (0-7) **** Team Folded, Auto Loss finish (Every team +1 win)

HCF beats UFAM Wings. (Leukimia, Surgical, durrrr, GoldenDragon, Trevor) vs (AteS, Mohsen, TwistedKaos, Lamento and CramComplex)

HCF beats GIJoe -C. (Leukimia, Surgical, durrrr, GoldenDragon, Trevor) vs (Hyly, TakticRogue, FireDrake, Kain, Mitana(NIC))

Slav3 beats F33D3R. (Odin, Floyd,Alex, sweed, Imperator) vs (Atlantis, Dante, Nazg, Smaug, Vodka Mojito)

OS+ beats AODT. Forfeit.

AODT (1-6) ***Team Folded, Auto Loss finish (Every team +1 win)

UFAM beats OS+. Forfeit.

HCF beats F33D3R. (2-1)

(Leukimia, Trevor, Durrrr, Avenger, Commander) vs (Atlantis, Dante, Restart, Deathkiller, Nazg) AND

(Atlantis, Nazg, Restart, Totoro, JaruJ) vs (Leukimia, Spiderman, avenger, durrrr, commander) AND

(Leukimia, Trevor, Durrrr, Avenger, Kdawgkilla) vs (Atlantis, Totoro, Restart, Gastanko, Nazg)

Slav3 beats GIJoe -C. (2-1)

(Hyly, ImSorry, TakticRogue, PWNShow, Lysdexic) vs (Odin, Kaiser, Shuurty, Vidus, Sportsman) AND

(Odin, Kaiser, Shuurty, Vidus, Bachkippe) vs (Hyly, ImSorry, TakticRogue, PWNShow, Lysdexic) AND

(Odin, Kaiser, Shuurty, Vidus, Bachkippe) vs (Hyly, ImSorry, PWNShow, Lysdexic, DJCharro)

UFAM beats F33D3R. (Ates, Lamento, Mohsen, CramComplex, AloeVera) vs (Atlantis, Slaanesh, FrankTheTank, Nazg, Agonist)

Slav3 beats OS+ Forfeit.

HCF beats OS+ Forfeit.

Slav3 beats UFAM. (Odin, Zorro, Shockx, Obinaldo, Imperator) vs (Ates, Jamesalot, Mohsen, CramComplex, DazzaDaMan)


Season 3 Prelim Matches:

mMoRi -B beats PlzRQ. (Luckiest, Zorro, Hush, ololol, Nafel) vs (Anarchy, TheJuice, FreeBlumpkins, ColdBeer, Fallout)

IUSSRI beats MaX -B. (Praga, Sloer, Conductor, Detoxian, Sloer) vs (Iljahi, Maxwey, Bowman, Asd, Racot)

MaX -B beats IRATUS. (2-1).

(Iljahi, Varoshka, Racot, UrButthurt, Asd) vs (Kingmamba, jules, TheDestroyer, Invoker, Dare) AND

(llllllll, jules, TheDestroyer, Invoker, Dare) vs (Iljahi, Varoshka, Racot, UrButthurt, Asd) AND

(Iljahi, Varoshka, Racot, UrButthurt, Asd) vs (llllllll, jules, TheDestroyer, Invoker, Dare)

M82 beats Exile -B. (Klepto, Relinquo, Fluffy, Rainmaker, Usagi) vs (Taznkid, Cleric, Nivekgneh, Elvin, xGhostx)

PoAoS beats F33D3R. (Gompat, Wis, Buckers, Razer, Anga) vs (Atlantis, Restart, Nazg, Danvie, akhorahil)





Season 2 Results



Final Season 2 Rankings:


1. MaX -A

2. DarKS

3. mMoRi -A

4. SLP

5. lAOSl -A

6. Super

7. EXlLE -A


9. lAOSl -B

10. BarStewards

11. GIJoe -A

12. MaX -B

13. mMoRi -B

14. PlzRQ


16. GIJoe -B


18. M82 -A

19. Exile -B

20. Ursist

21. F33D3R

22. BSL

23. EKX






Darks beats mMoRi -A. (2-0) (Guz, Spooky, Zombieee, Zeeeend, Kael) vs (PurePsycho, Muta, MutaGetsu, Rango, Francuz) AND

(Anax, Spooky, Zombieee, Zeeeend, Kael) vs (PurePsycho, Muta, MutaGetsu, Rango, Francuz)

SLP beats AOS -A. (Quidditch, Highdrater, FeedChan, Savior, Zeta) vs (Ginosaji, PureCheese, Prodigy, Phailer, Speedoguy) AND

(Quidditch, Highdrater, FeedChan, Savior, BlackXion) vs (Ginosaji, PureCheese, Prodigy, Phailer, Speedoguy)

Super beats Exile -A. (Soedenone, Dkong, Zak, SayMyName, Corsa) vs (Drex, Ryuuk, Ares, Taznkid, NamNguyen)

UFAM beats AOS -B. (Moose, Pearl, Frostbite, Taxhaven, WukeWuke) vs (Choi, Revision, Herman, Tomtom, Zslayer)

BarStewards beats GIJoe -A. (Skydie, Zaid, Skwar, Elfenblack, Yaldi) vs (Sphynx, Strider, TheFM, Osuevo, SerialNumber) (NA)




MaX -A beats DarkS. (2-1) (Maxwey, Maxwell, Pikachu, Fatnoobraph, Armadrake) vs (Guz, Illu, Kael, Zeeeend, Spooky) and

(Maxwey, lllllll, Pikachu, Fatnoobraph, Armadrake) vs (Anax, Guz, Illu, Zeeeend, Zombieeee)

mMoRi -A beats SLP. (2-1) (Highdrater, Marc, BlackXion, Quidditch, Lovleystuff "CrazySoldier") vs (Rango, Muta, Francuz, PurePsycho Mutagetsu) and

(Purepsycho, Muta, Mutagetsu, Francuz, Rango) vs (Highdrator, Blackxion, Quidditch, Marc, Lovelystuff) and

(Purepsycho, Muta, Mutagetsu, Francuz, Rango) vs (Highdrator, Blackxion, Quidditch, Marc, ManGekyou "Savior") (On EU)

AOS -A beats Exile. (Ginosaji, Revision, Prodigy, Phailer, Speedoguy) vs (Drex, Zeddicus, NamNguyen, Wind, Levi)

Super beats AOS -B. (Marche, SayMyName, Soedenone, Diipadaapa, Corsa) vs (Herman, DutchOvenPro, Revision, Zslayer, TomTom) (On NA)

UFAM beats Barstewards. (Frostbite, ohhhhhhhh, moose, Zeta, wukewuke) vs (Zaid, Skydie, Skwar, Elfenblack, Yaldi) (On NA)

GIJoe -A beats MaX -B. (Sphynx, TheFM, Blue, Griffin, Osuevo) vs (Shtirlec, Varoshka, Racot, Iljahi, Bowman) (on NA)

mMoRi -B vs PlzRQ. Delayed 1 week

IRATUS beats GIJoe -B. (Tyreal, TheDestroyer, Enrareyeg, BungaBunga, sportsman) vs (SerialNumber, Blue, Silentkill, Takticrogue, Faihkb) (on NA)

USSR beats M82 -A. Forfeit

Exile beats Luda. Forfeit

PoAoS beats GIJoe -C. Forfeit




DarkS beats SLP. (Zombieee, Guz, Zeeeend, Illu, Kael) vs (Quidditch, Marc, BlackXion, Lolita, FastEddie)

mMoRi -A beats AOS -A. (Purepsycho, Muta, Mutagetsu, Rango, Francuz) vs (Ginosaji, Destroyer, Prodigy, Speedoguy, Phailer) (on EU)

Exile beats AOS -B. (Drex, NamNguyen, Wind, Sephon, Henry) vs (Tomtom, Herman, Texasraider, Choi, DutchOven)

Super beats BarStewards. (Soedenone, SayMyName, John, Corsa, QweQweQQWeWe) vs (Skydie, Zak, Zaid, Elfenblack, IamUrFather)

UFAM beats GIJoe -A. (Taxhaven, Frostbite, Pearl, Avada, Kenshin) vs (Sphynx, Strider, SerialNumber, Artemis, Takticrogue)

MaX -B beats mMoRi -B. (Iljahi, Notoogien, asd, bowman, shtirlec) vs (Odin, Maxor, Francuz, racot, luckiest).

PlzRQ beats GIJoe -B. (Hotrocks, TheJuice, Carta, ColdBeer, McRoubs) vs (SerialNumber, Blue, Wolf, Saboomafoo, Eaden(NIC))

IRATUS beats M82 -A. (Invoker, TheDestroyer, Dare, Apophis, Wyrmreaver) vs (Troy, Sandman, Hyly, Brisingr, Sisyphos)

USSR beats LUDA. (Praga, Conductor, Sloer, Detoxian, Vad) vs (IamTheLaw, Infinity, Brylant, Asiwayne, Atlantis)

Exile -B beats M82 -B. (Sephon, Henry, Harryhoot, Taznkid, Elvin) vs (Troy, MysticDreamr, Xenonbones, Brast, Fluffy)

Ursist beats GIJoe -C. (Switzerland, Funkybeats, Indo, Mastermax, Notoogien) vs (Death, Axtrimaitex, PWNshow, Faikhb, DjCharro)

BSL beats EKX. Forfeit.




MaX -A beats DarkS. (Maxwell, Maxwey, Cmekm, Fatnoobraf, Pikachu) vs (Guz, Illu, Kael, llllll, Zeeeend) x2

AND (Maxwell, Maxwey, Cmekm, Armadrake, Pikachu) vs (Guz, Illu, Anax, llllll, Zeeeend)

SLP beats lAOSl -A. (Highdrater, DanTheMan, Pinkie, Quidditch, BlackXion) vs (Ginosaji, Revision, Smorgishborg, SpeedoGuy, Prodigy)

HFP beats mMoRi -A. (Apache, Zeta, DazDaMan, PaulAllen, Hybrid) vs (PurePsycho, Rango, Muta, Mutagetsu, Francuz)

BarStewards beats GIJoe -A. (Skydie, Skwar, Taxhaven, Zaid, Yaldi) vs (Sphynx, Griffin, Osuevo, SerialNumber, MrBackup)

UFAM beats mMoRi -B. (Moose, Pearl, Frostbite, Taxhaven, wukewuke) vs (Odin, Neyti, Imperator, Orange, hahahaha)

MaX -B beats GIJoe -B.

(Silentkill, FM, Takticrogue, Zakk, Townsy) vs (Iljahi, HATEUSA, asd, Varoshka, AxSINI) AND (IljaHi, asd, Shtirlec, [MeAoS]DeltaForces, Varoshka) vs (Silentkill, FM, Takticrogue, Zakk, Townsy)

AND (Iljahi, asd, Varoshka, Armadrake, Paradox (NIC)) vs (Silentkill, TheFM, Zakk, Townsy, JoMoney(NIC))

PlzRQ beats M82 -A. (Anarchy, Hotrocks, Zero, TheJuice, ColdBeer) vs (Troy, DzoSero, DjKidd, Klepto, Rulks (NIC))

IRATUS beats LUDA. (Invoker, Thedestroyer, Dare, Sheldor, Enrareyeg) vs (IamTheLaw, Infinity, Deathkiller, Loksok, Brylant)

IUSSRI beats GIJoe -C. (Azot, Conductor, Buggi, Detoxian, HighVoltage) vs (Zakk, TheLordofPoo, BraveDave, Murrphy, QiaoJiao)

Ursist beats GWarZ. (Switzzerland, Lepchen, Funkybeats, mastermax, MyNameifJeff) vs (Darkterror, Sinth, Dragosh, RatZextrem, Zorro)

PoAoS beats EKX. (Gompat, Achilles, Pizza, Casani, Hansgruber) vs (Zepatyn, Miktlana, Sandman, Midrik, BRL)

BSL vs PCobra. Match Cancelled (unorganized)




SLP beats mMoRi -A. (Highdrater, Divinesashi, BlackXion, Goldensnitch, LovelyStuff) vs (Muta, Mutagetsu, PurePsycho, Rango, Odin)

HFP beats Exile -A. (Apache, DazDaMan, Hybrid, DoublePerkin, PaulAllen) vs (Drex, Zeddicus, Levi, Wind, NamNguyen)

lAOSl -B beats GIJoe -A. (Revision, Choi, Tomtom, Herman, PureCheese) vs (Sphynx, SerialNumber, Griffin, Artemis, Strider)

BarStewards beats UFAM. (Skydie, NMeCruizers, Dare, Zaid, Skwar) vs (Odicks, Frostbite, Moose, Grantypoo, AteS)

MaX -B beats mMoRi -B? (??) vs (??) BO3.

GIJoe -B beats M82. (SilentKill, TheFM, TakticRogue, BraveDave, Murrphy) vs (DzoSero, kinetic, ereshkigal, Sandman, Diecometh)

PlzRQ beats IRATUS. (Anarchy, Juice, Hotrocks, Gatts, Zero) vs (Destroyer, Invoker, Tricksta, Luckiest, Metalmorph)

LUDA beats Exile -B. (Atlantis, IamTheLaw, Brylant, Blanke, Infinity) vs (AreS, xGhostx, Cleric, Elvin, Oxalate) (On NA)

M82 -B beats GIJoe -C. (Laindow, Thanatos, Destoyer, Kinetic, Sandman) vs (ShooterJ, Saboomafoo, Cowool, Death, LordofPoo)

IUSSRI beats GWarZ. (Praga, Vad, Conductor, Detoxian, +1) vs (Sinth, Darkterror, Smaug, Kris, Darkness)

Ursist beats EKX. (Funkybeats, Olive, Lepchen, Atomheartman, Plugs) vs (Zepatyn, Laim, BRL, Miktlana, Rassian (NIC))

PoAoS beats BSL. Forfeit.




DarkS beats MaX. (Guz, John, illu, Zeeeend, Kael) vs (FatnoobRaf, Maxwell, Pikachu, Maxwey, ArmaDrake) and (Guz, Kael, Illu, llllll, Zeeeend) vs (FatnoobRaf, Maxwell, Pikachu, Maxwey, ArmaDrake)

lAOSl -A vs SLP. Match Cancelled, unbooked. (ranks retained)

mMoRi -A beats HFP. (Purepsycho, Muta, Mutagetsu, Rango, Odin) vs (Dazdaman, Zeta, Makros, Lerty, Elvin) (On EU)

Exile -A beats GIJoe -A. (Drex, Zeddicus, Levi, Wind, NamNguyen) vs (Sphynx, Strider, Serial number, Griffin, TheFM)

lAOSl -B vs BarStewards. Match Cancelled, unbooked. (ranks retained)

UFAM beats MaX -B. (Frostbite, Odicks, theLilghost, moose, taxhaven) vs (Iljahi, Varoshka, asd, hateusa, Lippo (NIC)) (On NA)

mMoRi -B beats M82. (Odin, Maxor, Francuz, Imperator, hahahhah) vs (Klepto, Inkaman, djkidd, sisyphos, Darkovan) (On NA)

IRATUS vs PLZRQ - Delayed until next week

GIJoe -B beats Exile -B. (Silentkill, Takticrogue, TheFM, ShooterJ, Kdawgkilla) vs (Vicious, Ares, Nivek, Sephon, Tremp)

LUDA beats GIJoe -C. (Infinity, deathkiller, [F33d3r]Atlantis, Asiwayne, Blitzouille) vs (Saboomafoo, ShooterJ, Townsy, Iownyou, Tumtook (NIC)) (On EU)

IUSSRI beats EKX. (Praga, Detoxian, Conductor, AZOTwac, +1) vs (Zepatyn, BRL, Stirlec (NIC), Laim, Rassian)

GWarZ beats PoAoS. (Darkterror, Sinth, Kris, Ratzextrem, Dragosh) vs (Gompat, Pegasus, Pizza, Humantarget, Max)

BSL beats PCobra. (Brute, Thomulf, Aya, MonkeDluffy, Coolis) vs (Zeus, Jonathan, Augen, Nestor, Maverick)




DarKS beats lAOSl -A. (GuZ, illu, Zeeeend, Kael, Anax) vs (Ginosaji, Prodigy, Phailer, Speedoguy, Smorgishborg)

SLP beats HFP. (Quidditch, FeedChan, Pinkie, Savior, DanTheMan) vs (Apache, Zeta, PaulAllen, DazDaMan, Makros)

mMoRi -A beats GIJoe -A. (PurePsycho, Muta, Mutagetsu, Rango, Odin) vs (Sphynx, Strider, SerialNumber, Griffin, Osuevo)

Exile beats AOS -B. (Zeddicus, Levi, Wind, NamNguyen, Henry) vs (Tomtom, Herman, Revision, Zslayer, Oxide)

Barstewards beats MaX -B. Forfeit.

UFAM beats IRATUS. (Pearl, Frostbite, Kenshin, Taxhaven, Manling) vs

(Tyrael, Enrareyeg, Dare, Bungabunga, Apophis)

M82 beats ROMPIN. Forfeit.

mMoRi -B beats EXlLE -B. (2-1). (???) vs (???)

PlzRQ beats GIJoe -B. (Anarchy, TheJuice, ColdBeer, Carta, Zero) vs (Charro, Silentkill, Saboomafoo, WolF, Leeerocks (NIC))

LUDA beats PoAoS (IamTheLaw, Infinity, ZeratulCH, deathkiller, [F33d3r]Atlantis) vs (Gompat, Humantarget, Infrmer, Keyran, Dementor) and (Roksok, Infinity, Deathkiller, [F33d3r]Atlantis, +1) vs (Gompat, Rassian (NIC), Buckers, AnGa, MAX (NIC))

GIJoe -C beats PCobra. Forfeit.




Season 1 Results



Final Season 1 Rankings:


1. DarKS

2. MaX and lAOSl -A (final game score tied (1-1))

4. HFP

5. GlJoe -A

6. mMoRi

7. lAOSl -B

8. EXlLE

9. DarkNA

10. UFAM


12. M82

13. GIJoe -B

14. PoAoS

15. PCobra

16. BSL

17. M16ISO


These rankings were the results of the matches listed below.


Ranked Matches - Week 5:


2. lAOSl -A vs 3. MaX. (Ginosaji, Pinkie, Revision, Speedoguy, Tomtom) vs (Maxwell, Maxwey, Raphael, Armadrake, glhf) (Tie 1-1 so far) - forfeit.

4. HFP defeats 5. GIJoe -A. (Apache, Drift, Kaltorak, Kdawgkilla, Monkiekig (3subs) ) vs (Sphynx, MrBackup, Osuevo, Strider, Silentkill)

6. mMoRi vs 7. lAOSl -B. (1-0 MMORI in BO3 so far)

Needs to be completed by Tues Night.

9. EXlLE defeats 8. DarkNA. (Drex, Imsorry, Ryuuk, NamNguyen, Rim) vs (Coolnoob, Daimaoh, Shinigami, Nahater, JustBoomBina)

11. UFAM defeats 10. ROMPIN - Both Tax and Paul warned for BM -resolving.

12. M82 defeats 13. GIJoe -B. (Inkaman, Relinquo, Tommy, Ereshkigal, Klepto) vs (Griffin, TheFM, Time, Silentkill, Chojo)

13. GIJoe -B defeats 14. PoAoS. (TheFM, Griffin, Silentkill, Sever, Axtrimaitex) vs (Gompat, Humantarget, wyrmreaver, razor, neyti)

and (TheFM, Griffin, Silentkill, Sever, Axtrimaitex) vs (Alfa, Humantarget, wyrmreaver, razor, neyti)

15. PCobra vs 16. BSL - Game Never Planned.

(GIJoe -B played 2 games due to ProAce reorganizing; IRATUS and USSR will be added to ranks soon, they play monday.)


Ranked Matches - Week 4:


2. DarkS defeats 1. lAOSl -A. (Zombieee, Guz, Illu, Spooky, Zeeeend) vs (Ginosaji, Phailer, Dantheman, Texasraider, Speedoguy) - NA; and

(Zombieee, Guz, Illu, Spooky, Zeeeend) vs (Ginosaji, Phailer, Choi, Texasraider, Speedoguy) - EU

3. MaX defeats 4. HFP. (Apache, DazDaMan, Zeta, Idriftnaked, Gute) vs (Maxwey, Maxwell, AgentRaphael, Armadrake, Cmekm) - NA; and

(Ilyusha, Maxwell, Maxwey, Armadrake, Cmekm) vs (Apache, Gute, Zeta, DazDaMan, Elite) - EU

5. GlJoe -A defeats 6. mMoRi. (Sphynx, Strider, Artemis, Osuevo, Time) vs (PurePsycho, Mutagetsu, Rango, Rabbit, Anthanax)

7. lAOSl -B defeats 8. DarkNA. (TomTom, Revision, Choi, Herman, Oxide) vs (Coolnoob, Conan, Aaron, Bulbasaur, BossHog)

9. EXlLE defeats 10. ROMPIN. (Drex, Ryuuk, Imsorry, Elvin, Rim) vs (PredatorPaul, UglyDuckling, Thenox, Monkiekeg, MehtevaS)

12. UFAM defeats 11. ProAce (Forfeit)

14. M82 defeats 13. GIJoe -B. (Inkaman, Clifypos, Inmortal, relinquo, Fluffy) vs (Silentkill, Nutmonkey, Murrphy, Axtrimaitex, JonL)

15. PCobra vs 16. BSL (Match Cancelled - Ranks unmoved)


Ranked Matches - Week 3:


1. lAOSl - Buy this week.

2. DarkS defeats 3. MaX: Forfeit

4. HFP defeats 5. GlJoe -A. (Apache, Idriftnaked, Zeta, PaulAllen, Gute) vs (Sphynx, MrBackup, SerialNumber, Strider, Silentkill)

7. mMoRi defeats 6. EXlLE: (PurePsycho, Mutagetsu, Rango, Anthanax, Rabbit) vs (Drex, Zeddicus, Ryuuk, Rim, TonganRambo) - Played on NA server

9. ROMPIN defeats 8. ProAce. (PredatorPaul, UglyDuckling, Oxalate, Buttercup, Clandestine(NIC)) vs (Allstar, DuX, Templar, Zero, Lancer)

11. UFAM defeats 10. GIJoe -B. (Frostbite, Pearl, Odicks, Kenshin, thelilghost) vs (Time, Jonl, PWNShow, Silentkill, TakticRogue)

13. M82 defeats 12. PCobra. (Inkaman, AvatarRoku, Alex, RainMaker, Prikaz (NIC)) vs (Hoetrain, Dextreus, Shadowlord, JoMoney, Jonathon)

15. BSL defeats 14. M16ISO: (Tumtook, Corey, Bilko, Elendil, Loki) vs (Troy, LockNLoad, +3 Subs)


Prelim Matches Week 2:


lAOSl defeats DarkS: (Ginosaji, TexasRaider, DanTheMan (NIC), SpeedoGuy, Smorgishborg) vs (DarkKnight, Anax, Zombieee, Zeeend, +??) - Played NA

MaX vs HFP -Match Cancelled - MaX set as default winner due to more games played.

GIJoe defeats XOFS: (Sphynx, Strider, SerialNumber, Osuevo, Silentkill) vs (Zeddicus, Ryuuk, Tremp, Conan, Lippo)

ROMPIN vs ProAce -Match Delayed (Game will be rescheduled for next week)

UFAM defeats PCobra: (Frostbite, Pearl, Thelilghost, Taxhaven, +Sub) vs (Hoetrain, JoMoney, Shadowlord, Coldbeer, Acqua)

M82 defeats M16ISO: (Inkaman, Rainmaker, Ubersauce, Usagi, Relinquo) vs (Leatherface, Eatmybabies, SgtKronic, +2 Subs)


Prelim Matches Week 1:


DarkS defeats MaX (combatants not reported)

XOFS defeats ROMPIN (Drex, Ryuuk, Tremp, Zeddicus, NamNguyen) vs (PredatorPaul, Taznkid, Rothaga, Buttercup, WIND)

GIJoe defeats ProAce (Strider, SerialNumber, Artemis, Osuevo, DjCharro) vs (Overkill, Allstar, Zero, Dux, Durrrr)

PCobra defeats M16ISO (oXide, shadowlord, llllllll, Bulbusaur, Coldbeer) vs (Torre, Endgame, Rim, +2 Subs)

UFAM defeats M82 (Taxhaven, Thelilghost, Frostbite, Pearl, Purecheese) vs (Inkaman, Albanianswin, Ubersauce, Kinetic, Alex)






Players who would like to have a team to participate in the league:















To Join the League, Private message me!


This top post will be continually updated!

Edited by GuZ
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Registration (**UPDATED!**)

Considering the number of registered teams vs "free sub" players. I have decided I no longer want substitutes to participate in the league. Anyone who is a Tier 1-3 player (You know who you are) MUST register for a team to play. Very novice players will allowed to be used as substitutes. The reason for this rule is to ensure "quality" players are not on different teams week to week and thus totally affecting the outcome of matches which they by definition, dont even care about. So From this point forward only REGISTERED players may play, unless they are clearly a novice substitute.



Please private message me your teams to be registered: Thanks.

Edited by Sphynx
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It was pretty damn close though. It was basically a tie game with our final towers almost down and your final towers almost down and you guys squeeked us in the end. It was a shame that we only had enough time for one game....... very close game, solid, but close....


Yes it was... but by the time we got going after teaching people how to draft it was past 1 am for me so I was frickin tired. Next time we still draft but do it faster

Edited by ScrubHaven
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Yes it was... but by the time we got going after teaching people how to draft it was past 1 am for me so I was frickin tired. Next time we still draft but do it faster


Slow drafting is one thing...but for a match for 7pm, we arrive at 6:45 to meet up....u didnt even have players by 7:20, we almost pushed a forfeit.


Edit (Ginosaji): Sorry, accidently hit edit instead of quote. Didn't change anything.

Edited by ginosaji
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Slow drafting is one thing...but for a match for 7pm, we arrive at 6:45 to meet up....u didnt even have players by 7:20, we almost pushed a forfeit.


You'd have had the right to call it a forfeit then. Everyone knows that if your team isn't on time it's up to the other team to call whether they want to play or take a forfeit. That said, don't try and hang that over UFAM's head once the game is done. It's pretty un-manner to be pointing fingers like that. Just make the call on whether they forfeit or not and move on.

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This is the problem when 1 clan has the top 16 players in the same clan.

They have little competition.


Such is a "bed" you made for yourselves.


I am providing a system to maximize competition at all levels.


For the lower rank teams only play the lower rank teams and improve by moving up.

The middle teams play the middle teams.

The top teams play the top teams.


Its the complete basics of a LADDER system. SLP could always do something interesting, like make 2-3 separate teams, of their players, with friends and known good players and battle it out. The reason most of the teams are clans, is that is how they have organized themselves in the community already. I would love to have a team of "[sLP] Marc and friends" or whatever he would call it, and see where his team ranks. If he thinks he has no competition, he could create 2 teams of equal power and fight that way (resulting with [sLP] members on both sides).


In all truth, we all know SLP was dominant in the last tourny. The league is designed for fun and competition at all levels. This should in theory make all teams strive to improve. This will eventually result in more enthusiasm for AOS, and more players playing the game, and improving skill levels.


Nobody has to play in this league BUT everyone is welcome to make a team. The teams do NOT have to be clan based.

If there is no competition at certain levels of the ladder, the result obvious solution is to INVITE the appropriate competition into it.


If not, you guys are completely welcome to enjoy the game anyway you see fit. I am simply providing a system that you may or may not take advantage of.

Edited by Sphynx
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just not really worth our time to group up each week, to play vs teams that don't even know how to draft.


excuse me your highness


so I take it that 2nd, 3rd & 4th team in the tourney forfeited because they didn't know how to draft?

lol how absurd and arrogant, if you really feel there is no competition for you then don't play, if you are here just to stomp teams I feel sad for you

Edited by ANARCHY
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Na, i just wanted to play the best team in this league in a bo3, there was hardly any arrogance in my statement. Why is wanting to play vs the best arrogant?


And my second post is true.... What fun is it to play vs teams who dont know the draft system? You can see above Scrub haven was in a game where he had to teach the opposing team how to draft during said game.....


I brought nothing of my tourney victory into this. Nor my 4 consecutive victories in a row.....




This is how I feel about the last tourney,


The skill in this game has just fallen off. That fact that im regularly considered a "tier 1" player is laughable i have no misguided opinions of my skill level.

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You just offered the winner of a several months long league the "opportunity" to play a "showmatch" against you, using the word showmatch as if you are some kind of star (?????). And then you are saying that playing vs them in the league is "not worth your time". What are you going to do during these months anyway ? Play pub games ?


If you just wanted to play against the best you could have just waited until the end of the league to play against the winner instead of insulting every participating team by saying gathering to play vs them is a waste of your time.

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i made the post with the assumption it would not take months for the #1 team to show its self.......


SLP is the strongest and has been considered the strongest AOS team for a few months now I dont think i was out bounds by using the word showmatch.


Playing SLP vs a team that cant even draft would be a waste of time. Just rather ih with some what balanced teams. What will i be doing during these months? Um, playing IH games? You make it out that the only AOS games being played are games in this league.....

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Guys, I did not take arrogance or offence from Quidditch's post. But by no means do i intend the "champion" of the league to face SLP. SLP either joins the league, or they find no value in joining it. That is up to them. The winner of the league is the winner. Thats it.


Quidditch also said he didn't want to face teams that don't know how to draft.

Taxhaven was mentioning his match which was the #11 vs #12 team in a league of 15. He is correct that he would not want to play a team that doesn't know the draft. But, if he read the rules, he would realize that if SLP was lets say the #2 ranked group.. they would only play #1 and #3. This is the point of the ladder. Clans "below" SLP level (Like my own for example) do not HAVE to face SLP, we only get the honour of facing them if we work our way up to the #3 ranking. That is the point. That is why it is fair.

If Quidditch and friends who are very good at this game can make 2-3 teams near the top, they will really only have to face teams of their competition level. This makes it enjoyable for them AND enjoyable for those in the middle that don't want to be stomped.


Lets not argue about this. The simple answer is. Quidditch and or SLP guys will enter a team, or they wont. If they don't I respectfully ask that you never denigrate those who do play in the league to learn and have fun. And if you do want to join, just make a team and enjoy. If you feel the current top 2 clans (laosl and darks) (on the loading screen of the game currently) are not sufficient competition… then I don't know what to do for you. You will need to find that competition yourselves, and make your own thing, or join my thing. If you understand how this league works, you would realize there should be a place and level for everyone.


(please do not continue this useless "arrogance" argument or do so in a new thread plz and thx.

Edited by Sphynx
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quidditch do you understand how the ladder works?

as you consider yourself #1 team you would be playing vs the 2nd best team, not against a plethora of other teams that cannot draft

its rank based, if you are number 1 team you would only ever play the team competing for your spot


lol sphynx u beat me to it

Edited by ANARCHY
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Good to read some good answers from you Sphynx. I think you handled this nicely.


We all now that if someone go stack players to play vs nr1 in league they had a good chance of winning. That doesnt make it the right thing to do. Everyone is welcome in this league, and this is the best thing about it.


I actually like it the most to watch the other games and see how they are doing.


I would love for some replays shared or even better if i could watch it on youtube.




Anyway, very good job to you Sphynx, and good luck to all the teams. Remember to have fun with your friends!


Zomb out.

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