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Hello all, I'm JackyDawg!


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As the title suggests, My name is JackyDawg, or commonly reffered to as "Jacky". My Ingame name is also "JackyDawg" (I use the same alias for everything on the internet, generally XD). I live in North America and play on the NA server. I am new to Aeon of Storms. And in fact, new to the entire MOBA genre, so don't be suprised if I ask noob questions.


Anyway, my favorite hero so far after randoming for a few games is Tiberius.Rancor. I think he will still be my favorite after playing some more heroes because I like the playstyle and design.


I am also currently playing around with an Hybrid (AA/INT) Rancor build that I picked up on the forums. The talents are 2/1/3: WepDmg, WepSpd, Health, Cooldown, Swiftness and Wealth. My Item build is: Machete, Lightning Rod, NItrogen, Gravity, Ihan, Stars Fury, then (sell machete) Shinobi Style or Yamato Reactor. Is this a pretty good newbie build? I have also heard a lot of talk about flaregun/sunflare/more int focused builds. If I wanted to keep the structure of this build but insert a sunflare in there, what would I move around?


I would also like a build for Shadow and Crackling, If anyone has one :)


I will see you all around the forums! Thanks! :)

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