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AEON Ideas for. V7.0


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Really nice if boros R would be remake , I'm not saying it's op but yea should be remake




I liked so much the new Kerrigan ult then what it was before but if. They are planning to put. Primal Kerrigan. Should have new skills and if they also put ghost Kerrigan should be not that = to nova skills



Bring back viron fixed he wouldn't be so op more because we got parallax and a lot of spell resist items :)



Combine penthos and new lz into 1 again?






Can we have team abilities?


Like if u get a specific team you Herod will have new skills when close TO. X allied unit (hero) could be anything , for example if drake and brine go hunt some1 together and they are within a 5 units radio close to each other their skill set changes to something creative. Lets say drake's q becomes A big spike that is like a skillshot when it is. Thrown If it hits the target stuns for 1.5 seconds and. Brine get another. Cool ability bla blah blah hope you get the point



This could make the game more unique and make players in pubs to play more as a team..


And the skills could be paired wih any other hero


Could be. Boros and shadow



Nova and Kerrigan


Micro and vorpal


Jakk and Jackson



Vergil and zera. Could be also multiple heros.


Like a Protoss team


Zera , Vergil , penthos, lz , null




Nova , raynor , jakk , tosh , tychus




Crackling , toxi , (maar , micro) , Kerrigan , balrog



This is just an idea that came up to my mind...


Maybe be a lot of work to make new skills for certain groups but this really sounds creative and makes this game more unique And not more. WANNABE

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