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In game Visual Draft Mode, Player Pick etc...


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So I have been using the editor for a little while now, and I am practicing and learning more now - hopefully for the benefit of this game and community.

I'm thinking about designing a Visual Draft Mode sometime in the coming weeks, when my major exams are behind me. I'm going to list my first thoughts about what it would look like and I welcome you to comment, criticize and suggest. So far I don't have any visual's, and it took me a few hours just to learn how to display a button on the screen and have it do something like spawn a unit so this project will take a while. I also think having a system for captains mode, like we do on mumble, actually in the game would be cool. Additionally, we could have 3G and Random (not ARAM but like one-click-random).




Here's what I'm thinking:

To enter draft mode,

A. any player can type -dm and a voting box will appear. Once at least 6 players check yes, draft mode will initialize

B. The host of a private lobby will have the option to select 'Draft Mode' in the options on the left before starting the game.

Once the game begins draft mode will automatically initialize.


In the draft mode, both in game timers would pause and the regular draft sequence would take place. There would be a 60 second ban/pick timer and failing to pick would select a random one for you (you can still pause the game if necessary). On your ban/pick you would see "Your Ban" or "Your Pick" at the top of the screen, while when it's the opponent's turn your would see "Opponent's Ban" and the screen would be slightly dimmed. This would use the regular hero selection screen to scroll through and select a hero. The Choose Hero button would be changed to Ban/Pick hero and change colors to red and green respectively. Your picked Heroes' portraits and names would be displayed on the top left corner, with the enemies' on the top right, and banned heroes along the bottom. The picking/hero selection screen would work like how the current -dm works now by highlighting picked/playable heroes green, banned heroes red, and when selecting heroes, all other heroes would be grayed out.


Player selection would have either players 1 and 5 or 1 and 2 as captains. In the center of the screen names of all players would be displayed. Clicking a name from this list on your turn would add it to your team, displayed in the top left, with the enemies on the top right. Picked players would be removed from the middle list. Who picks first would be decided by a simulated coin toss - player 1 would call it. This would have 60 second picks and if both captains press undo, the last pick could be undone. The picking order would be 1-2-2-2-2-1 or 1-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1.


That's about it for now, so what do you think?

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this is the suggestion i made like 2 months ago which no one ever did anything about :( http://www.aeonofsto...ng-ih-problems/

im glad someone in the moderating team has realised how useful this would be


some suggestions i would like to add is;


having 6 people vote yes could potentially ruin pub games, it only takes a 5 man team and 1 enemy noob to turn it to draft mode clicking a box they have no idea about, i would suggest 8/10 or 75%+ to enable the mode

if you wanted to do a draft chances are you wont have that many people afk & as you said you can pick it in the lobby first so chances are 75%+ will still be fine without risk of games ruined


using -dm command seems silly especially if you are going to all the trouble to create a visual interface;

there should be a gamemode vote card at the start in a corner where you can tick your preference & if enough is achieved that game mode starts

this will mean the public sees this as an option instead of only a handful of people realising this feature actually exists & it will get used then instead of it falling wayside, the amount of people that still dont know half of the -TM command set is ridiculous, dont let this be another unnoticed feature




ARAM no neutrals (could possibly even make other lanes blocked and not spawn creep)


2g / 3g

all play 1 hero (i.e. 10x boros)



should be voted in once a gamemode has been selected, just make a highlight box with players names to select captain of your team

(actually that may not work if everyone votes differently you would end up with a tie, so instead make a row of 5 boxes so you can number your preference, sure it can still happen but very unlikely)


Picking and highlighting of heroes;

this is 1 dilemma i haven't got a solution to yet, basically if we are allowing drafts in pubs there will be confusion and problems because captains don't know what heroes there team mates can play & there is no mumble and the wall of text can get very very confusing


current ideas (only 1 so far);

scrap all the fancy text and large animations from hero selection, just keep the basics so you can fit all the hero portraits to 1 screen

let team mates highlight hero portraits green or some colour to let the captain know what they can play (maybe even add a profile to the bank save file to remember these selections)

cons; the information on heroes and their abilities will be very minimal and mostly lost unless you can find some way to jam it all into the screen, this can make selection for some people difficult especially if newer to the game


picking time of heroes;

there should be a vote option for this with selections of; 60 90 120 etc seconds & the median chosen

yes you could pause the game but lets see how many trolls will un-pause it repeatedly ruining the whole process for 9 other people & making instant RQ's happen, lets not give trolls any more tools then they already have


Layout of screen;

what you have said is perfect, thats basically how i imagined it aswell


goodluck and if you need any help id be more then willing although i havent played around with sc2 editor i did with sc1 and i have done a fair share of programming so its generally fairly easy to pickup

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All these involves a lot of times which currently our developers do not have.


Draft is mostly accepted by In House community and, believe me, the pubbers will never play Draft unless forced to.


I know the game should be improved on all sides; however, I'd prefer that our developers spent more time in balancing the game.

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All these involves a lot of times which currently our developers do not have.


Draft is mostly accepted by In House community and, believe me, the pubbers will never play Draft unless forced to.


I know the game should be improved on all sides; however, I'd prefer that our developers spent more time in balancing the game.


Please reread the first 2 sentences of the OP.


@Anarchy, yeah I remember reading yours.

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eternity what adamantium is trying to say is he doesnt work on the current bug fixes or game improvements etc anyway, he is a forum moderator.

so the extra free time he will have he can do with however he pleases and this is what he wants to do


by all means though if you can fix all the bugs in this game eternity feel free to do so instead of being another person who complains day and night about it, clogging up useful threads with something completely off topic

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My first idea on this subject would be this:


Pretend I'm player #3 on my team.


I have not selected to be team captain. (I like anarchy's vote for captain, rank top 3 idea)


I would be nice to communicate with the team captain without typing.

So after team captain is selected.


I could be prompted with this message.


Select your favourite 3 (or 5) heroes you would like your team captain to choose for you.

(Main screen mostly the same, an additional box with simply mini pics of the hero would be highlighted)

They would be numbered 1-3 thus the captain knows your heroes of choice.


The captain would have everyones little boxes up. Makes it harder for him to see original stats of heroes but one assumes he has asked to be captain, and does not really need this info. He can then select heroes using his players sub boxes.


That hero is then coloured green in the team picks, and the players box is then locked in.

This allows both the captain to know WHO is playing the hero, AND the player to know which hero he is playing.

It is also a permanent choice as in, the hero is then autoselected on start up, so I as the player can't "ruin" the draft game by hitting a new hero etc.


In this manner players can select their heroes, and the captain can choose them



As picks are being made, you can change your hero choices to adjust game composition. Only once the captain has picked your hero, will you be locked out from choosing new heroes in your preference box.


This idea could work well maybe :P

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