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Silence doesn't allow you to do anything other than AA and move at your current MS. Your current MS is 0 while burrowed. Therefore you cannot move or cast spells of any sort. This is not a bug and is intended.


You can argue the balance of it if you want. I personally think its fine. Claymore is a powerful skill and it has drawbacks.

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Asking them a favor is fine ? Shouldn't discuss about them...


What you did was perfectly fine. The purpose of that rule is completely different


Its fine. If you make more Raynor threads Red will buff


regardless of what the content of the thread is


That joke has long outlived it's humerous state.

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So when I played Bio, jimmy managed to mark me before my team deward the ts, he silence me before I react and I can't come up and watch myself get raped... Shouldn't bio e used to come up shouldn't be count as a skill as he already use It ?

Same applies to Lurker... I was up against a decent Raynor yesterday who kept silencing me underground, very annoying.


But doesnt seem like a bug or whatever, I'd say it's working as intended.

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Please do not type the word Raynor in this forums. He does not require any more buffs. Thank you.


Silence always work on Bio like that. It has been that way for a very long time.


Up against certain Hero, you just have to play passive.


Bio isn't that "soloing long lane by himself and still pushing" Bio anymore. Now he requires farm to be good.


Before level 6, he basically hide underground at all time and only pop up to get creep kills if enemies aren't around him.


Not much can be done for that.

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It is pretty much the same with lurker. If you are underground you cannot unborrow (but he can at least attack), if ur unburrowed, well you can run but you cant use standard attacks which is a bit too much, also silence is often followed up by a kill shot. You can sometimes manouver out Jimmy, but not if ur burrowed. Darpha is even worse. He is a dps hero , and he can follow you after you get silenced. Again you cannot use your satandard attacks. Also if ur burrowed and silenced lot of heroes can outrange you. Prallax gives small defenced cause Jim uses Q first and than silence or another hero can debuff you befor Jimmy.

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