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Hello fellow People.


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Hello my fellow Russians, I am now back from my ban and my ways are changed. LighTS clan has been disbanded due to a few problems arising here and there, but I will get into that another time. I am here to say I am a EU player, soon to be owner/leader of EU risk Legacy am hoping to play fairly and with bountiful Banter flowing like the streams leading to the Yalu river. I like playing this game but hate it when im on a Inhouse team with people who really do tense their bottoms when they play the game because it causes so many problems. I like to see a few Banter bombs landing here and there as then you can enjoy the game and the community. But that is pretty much me explained in a nut shell. Would like to play with people again soon but only after my exams, and I hope to get to know everybody. :) :D :O :| :/ EU IGN - OPxMaRiiNe

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