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mini shadowmorne XD


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(Relax thread)


While I was driving a car with speed of turtle's grandfather due to the traffic jam in Bangkok, I imagined which build to try on Morocco.Grunty this evening


Suddenly, I suspected how non-logical Shadowmourne's component is.


Say ...

Timesplitter has his son, stun knife to do his job because he's so freaking expensive.


Coa,Korhal,GTD,DST are also has thier own component with some of thier 1/3 abillity... Seem logic.


Shadowmourne says No! , if you guys want to touch me, give me 5,000 net. No money? then 3 item slots instead and you can save up for me *-*


Since my main is grunty, rush shadowmourne with +360HP some regen and +50 damage with 3,700.- is suicide sometime


Hope shadowmourne junior exist with 1,600 cost and Hey! I only give you 20% damage without proc ,deal?







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Nevermind my words, i was writing while driving.

In my mind at that time was like ,cost of 3700 can buy stun knife and phase clock which give me more variable for ganking , taking kills ,more damage and accordingly , make more money to invest another things and useful for team more than get hp and damage only ( cant edit , pls cut the word suicide, use being in less comfortable play is better ...maybe(intermediate enlish level:P

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